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Your Guide to Job Descriptions and Their Meaning

If you’ve been in the job market for a while, you’ve probably read hundreds of job descriptions and come across a few terms that are common in all of them. People who write job descriptions follow a certain formula in order to eliminate poor candidates and lure the brightest minds on the recruitment platform.

As a job seeker, it’s your responsibility to read the description carefully, understand what it states, and apply based on that information. Here’s a brief guide to job descriptions and their meanings to help you gain a better understanding.

1. Immediate Opening

note on napkin to quit

This is usually an indication that an employee quit unexpectedly and they need to fill the vacancy immediately to get work done. You will have little-to-no time to adjust and receive little-to-no training.

2. Fast-Paced Work Environment

This is similar to the point mentioned above. If companies declare themselves fast-paced, they probably don’t focus as much on establishing groundwork or providing thorough training.

3. Competitive Salary


This is a ubiquitous statement and present in almost all job ads. It’s an indication that the company can’t or is unwilling to pay what the job is worth and will likely pay equal or lower than what their competitors pay.

4. Excellent Performance Incentives

This means they don’t think the salary package will be enough to convince you to join the company. Performance incentive is an umbrella term that covers small and big tokens of appreciation a company might give because you did a good job.

5. Casual Work Atmosphere

This can indicate a start-up or a relatively young company or a company that knows it doesn’t pay enough to demand formal wear. Some young companies and start-ups take pride in their casual atmosphere and keep things informal even if they’re successful.

6. Some Overtime Required

This means you’ll inevitably end up working overtime on workdays and sacrifice your weekends. Some overtime can easily become too much overtime with no space to breathe or relax.

7. No Phone Calls Please

This is an indication that they already have a few candidates in mind or have filled the position. The recruitment drive is just a show to avoid legal consequences of a possible unethical hire.

8. Apply in Person

male co-workers check out a female co-worker

This indicates that the company is more concerned with your looks than what you bring to the table in terms of skill. They want to see your physical appearance before they make a serious offer for you to consider.

9. Self-Motivated

Companies that write this in their description expect you to adapt on your own and handle projects without much guidance or support. This company won’t invest in employee development.

10. Problem-Solving Skill is Important

You might have a rough and chaotic organization on your hands. Companies that face frequent problems will require people with excellent problem solving skills.

It’s a good idea to take everything a job ad says with a grain of salt and investigate further. That will help you save some time and effort, and lead you towards more suitable openings.



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