You Won’t Believe These Cringeworthy Interview Confessions!

By – Caitlin Johnson

Interviewing for jobs is hard work, don’t let anyone tell you different! A lot of preparation happens before your interview but you can’t always guarantee awkward conversations or sweaty palms won’t get the best of you.

We searched Whisper for their greatest and most cringeworthy interview fails and we weren’t disappointed. Surprised, yes. Confused, definitely. So even if you bombed the interview or didn’t supply a slam dunk answer to the “Tell me about yourself,”question, at least you (hopefully) didn’t get a bloody nose from a run-in with a clean glass window!

1. “Miss, could you be a doll and get me a cup of coffee?”


2. Proof that what goes around, will always come back around!


3. When you feel good, you exude confidence!


4. Maybe he just wanted the interviewer to think he was interviewing Superman?


 5. Clumsy people can relate to this confession!052ae2c36950816ea82f9c09ed34d2d069c47b-v5-wm

6. #Goals At least this interviewee was honest, but probably a little too honest!


7. “And then my nose bled…”


8. I cringe just picturing how to recover from this awkward moment


9. They told her she was “over-qualified,” but I think they just wanted to make her feel better!


10. Accidents happen! Just play it off, NBD! Even though I bet this interviewee turned bright red and there’s no playing that off!0535170bfaadfe41723d6edea46c3e082def9f-v5-wm

11. Hey, now that’s some solid advice!


12. Proof that humor doesn’t always have a place in some industry interviews!


13. I think this is a GREAT example, probably not the one the interviewer was hoping to hear though….


14. I guess this only works on TV… darn.0536637bc92a624f946525173b77a1404cb845-v5-wm

15. Complete, unabashed honesty might not always the best policy, especially when in dire need of employment!

16. See number 15, above…


17. No need to mention any of that in the interview…


18. Make sure to glance at a mirror or reflective one last time before the interview starts! Or else this could be you…. *cue horror movie music*


19. Play it cool… Or take that route where you laugh at yourself to diffuse the situation. Just don’t panic!




About the Author:

Caitlin Johnson is the newest addition to the team here in Austin. At XTech Staffing, Caitlin is a Marketing Specialist and writes career-advice related articles and content for the website. She also manages XTech’s social media scene.Caitlin’s a recent transplant to Austin. She moved here in June from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and it was there that she earned her BA in Public Relations and Communication. When Caitlin isn’t writing or cruising through blogs and Instagram for inspiration, she can usually be found hanging out at the Greenbelt or searching for the best (and spiciest) Tex-Mex this city has!
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