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Was Your Childhood Dream Your Calling? Studies Show How Many Adults Pursued Their Dream…

Kids are imaginative, creative, and blunt about the things they want in life. Adults? Not so much. While there are those of us adults who are just as imaginative and creative as they were when they were kids, many of us have felt the brute force of reality and the ever-changing job market.

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So how many of us actually pursued our childhood dreams? And how many of us regret neglecting our childhood dreams?

Trade Schools, Colleges, and Universities is an online career training resource that provides statistics on how many adults pursued their childhood dream. Stephanie Walden, a writer for Mashable, stated, “The [Trade Schools, Colleges, and Universities] study surveyed around 2,000 adults about how their current roles in the workplace compare when stacked up against childhood goals.” Their study found that 78.06 percent of adults did not, or do not, pursue their childhood dream.

The remaining 21.94 percent of people who reported that they pursued their dream, expectedly, are overwhelmingly happy with their career choice. 88.14 percent of people who pursued their career reported high levels of job satisfaction; the industries with the highest level of job satisfaction are education, information technology, healthcare, and professional services and government.

According to Trade Schools, Colleges, and Universities, “40 percent of young people today anticipate careers in health care (especially women), 28 percent in science, and 21 percent in technology/engineering. Another 20 percent were intrigued at the possibility of an arts/entertainment/media gig or a business/administration/corporate career.”

Maybe you’re not an astronaut, a doctor, or a musician, but 69.90 percent of survey respondents also reported high levels of job satisfaction. In fact, 74.70 percent of respondents said they do not regret their major. In contrast, seven in ten people have also thought about going back to school for another degree at some point.

Maybe you didn’t pursue your childhood dream, but you’re probably still pretty happy where you are, and if you’re not, then maybe it’s time to do some self-reflection and relive your childhood.

What did XTech Staffing employees want to be when they were kids?

Sophia as an actressI’m Sophia– XTech Staffing’s Marketing Specialist. I wanted to be an actress as a kid. I did a lot of rehearsing in front of a mirror (like what The Sims do when they’re building their charisma points) and even starred in an elementary school play. Too bad I forgot a few lines during the play, otherwise I could’ve made my way to stardom.





victor as a doctorVictor is our Project Manager who wanted to be a doctor and somehow ended up working as a project manager for a staffing agency. According to Victor, his haircut in the following picture isn’t “doctor enough,” but I’m not really sure what a doctor haircut looks like.


stephanie as a modelStephanie is XTech’s Marketing and Sales Coordinator slash Lead Closer (lots of titles) who wanted to be a model when she was a kid. She even took modeling classes. She realized she couldn’t be a model when she stopped growing. Like Stephanie’s height, her modeling career stopped short.







monica as a physical therapistMonica is our Lead Recruiter who wanted to be a physical therapist, although she apparently used to be one… maybe she realized that wasn’t her calling or she’s too embarrassed to confess her actual childhood dream. The world may never know…


elpi as an ice skaterElpi is our Customer Relationship Manager who wanted to be an ice skater, a singer, and a teacher. I would say her biggest obstacle was that she’s never set foot on an ice rink…









kenji as a baseball playerKenji is XTech Staffing’s Account Manager who’s usually handling the tech stuff around the office. He wanted to be a baseball player, although I’m not sure if he ever actually played baseball.



teresa as a gymnastTeresa wanted to be a gymnast as a kid, but alas, she is our Logistics Manager. She also wanted to be a teacher, so she used to pretend that she was the teacher and her siblings were her students. Lucky her, she has her own family that can replace her siblings’ roles.


ryan running a lemonade standThe CEO of XTech Staffing is Ryan. He wanted to be a CEO as a kid. At first, I thought he was lying to me – but no, he actually dreamed of being a CEO. So I guess Ryan the only person in our office who actually pursued his childhood dream and is living that dream now. Apparently, it all started with his lemonade stand.


john being happyFollowing Ryan is John. John is our CFO. The only answer he gave me about his childhood dream is that he wanted to be happy… but he never fulfilled that dream…



rolando as presidentFinally, there’s Rolando. Rolando is XTech Staffing’s Marketing Director who wanted to be “President of the World” until he realized that there’s no such thing, so he settled for being an ambassador. I guess he gave up on the ambassador dream since he’s sitting across from me and not ambassador-ing.



Asian girl emoji holding her hand outReferences:

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Sophia Tinsley is XTech Staffing’s Marketing Specialist and writes career-advice related articles and content for the website. She also manages XTech’s social media platforms. Sophia recently graduated from Texas State University where she earned her BBA with a major in Marketing. She is the crazy cat lady of the office and the embodiment of Michael Scott – she always has wacky ideas. Sophia also writes for her personal fashion blog and creates movie trailers as hobbies. She thinks she’s unique, but likes all things “basic” (i.e. Starbucks). And if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, then you and Sophia will get along swimmingly.
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