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The Top 10 Online Classes to Quickly Figure Out Your Career Path

You may be in the workforce, or maybe you’re beginning your journey breaking into the perfect career. It’s difficult to determine the job you want when you don’t often know what each job entails.

Figuring out the career path you want to follow is daunting, but there are online tools that make this process easier than ever.

Here’s a list of 10 online courses to dip your toes into new fields.

1. Product Design

Product design course – Alison

Product designers develop concepts, research, and evaluate their ideas before creating the products to sell to businesses.

Cost: Free

Length: 2-3 hours

2. Marketing

Introduction to Marketing – Udemy

Marketing isn’t just what you see on “Mad Men.” There are different marketing specialties and responsibilities on the back-end that are not conveyed in movies.

You can take Udemy’s online class to learn about the different marketing aspects and concepts.

Cost: $25

Length: 1 hour

3. HR

Fundamentals of Human Resources – Alison

HR positions are requiring more certifications and education to step into the field, and this course will give you a glimpse into HR life before committing to the appropriate certifications.

Cost: Free

Length: 2-3 hours

4. Sales

How to Sell Anything in Three Simple Steps – Udemy

Many sales jobs consist of cold-calling and door-knocking, but there are other tasks salespeople do to succeed. Sales jobs also teach valuable communication skills that apply to your daily life.

Cost: Free

Length: 1 hour

5. Web Development

Introduction to Web Development – Udemy

Web developers combine engineering and creativity to make websites for clients. You’ll need to know HTML and CSS for starters, but Udemy’s online course covers the basics.

Cost: $20

Length: 1.5 hours

6. Project Management

Fundamentals of Project Management – Skillwise

Project managers assign and oversee the tasks of teams they manage. This project management course will summarize the common tools and software used in this position.

Cost: Free

Length: 2-3 hours

7. Accounting

Accounting: A Brief Introduction – Skillshare

This course is more of an accounting overview since it’s only an hour long course. Most accountants have an accounting or finance degree, although there are ways into accounting roles if you have a different degree.

Cost: Free with one month trial

Length: 1 hour

8. Account Management

Account Management 101: Tactics for Partner Success – Udemy

Account management is a mix between sales and customer service. It’s based on building rapport and developing relationships with your business’s clients. This course will teach you how to maintain a partnership with a customer, overcome objections, and help you understand how to set realistic goals.

Cost: $50

Length: 1 hour

9. Operations Management

Fundamentals of Operations Management – Alison

The Operations Management title is pretty self-explanatory. This position oversees the day-to-day basics, such as scheduling, checking inventory, and managing the quality of the products or services.

Cost: Free

Length: 2-3 hours

10. Product Management

Product Management: Skill Sets to Shift Your Career – Skillwise

Product management may sound like the Product Design and Project Management titles, but they’re actually quite different from each other. Product Managers create the roadmap of a product by developing and managing its implementation, marketing plan, and predicting its profitability.

Cost: $39

Length: 13 hours


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