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These Awesome Job Benefits Will Make You Jealous!

Over the past few years there has been a shift in the job marketplace. Rising competition for top talent has led to a battle of benefits among top companies. In light of recent Glassdoor research, improving benefits seems as good as a strategy as any to attract the skilled tech workers so high in demand.

We all know the common benefits like health insurance or paid time off that are desired in every job, but some of the fastest growing and highest earning companies in America are setting the standard for employee benefits. Many of these companies have been innovative, and successful, in introducing new and unusual benefits to attract the best for their company.

Companies also come up with unique benefits that match their values and brand, such as REI’s Yay Days or a travel fund with Airbnb. Read below to check out some more of the best employee benefits Americans are getting these days:

If you are a Facebook employee, you’ll be provided $4,000 in “Baby Cash” to help with expenses.

Speaking of parental leave, Pinterest has taken a unique approach to this benefit. They will provide three months off to new parents, an additional month of part-time hours, as well as counseling sessions to create a plan on re-entering the workplace.

Glassdoor voted Airbnb as the Best Place to Work in 2016. It must have something to do with the $2,000 stipend employees get annually to travel! Oh, and you can choose any Airbnb in the world to stay in, naturally.

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REI encourages their employees to live their values by offering two paid days off per year, just for their favorite outside activity. These days are appropriately name, “Yay Days.”

Student loan debt giving you trouble? Then get a job at PwC! They offer employees $1,200 per year for paying off those loans.

Twitter is known for providing amazing perks such as three catered meals a day, but some other benefits to working there include on-site acupuncture and improv classes!

Google will provide the surviving partner or spouse of a deceased employee with half of their salary for the next 10 years.

Salesforce has a program that allows employees to volunteer and donate. Employees here get six days of paid volunteer time off each year, as well as $1,000 a year to donate to their favorite charity.

“Panda Fridays” are a bi-weekly treat for World Wildlife Fund employees. Employees get every other Friday off. Could you imagine 28 3-day weekends a year?! How cool!

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Walt Disney Company runs the “Happiest Place on Earth,” and they want their employees and families to enjoy that just as much as the visitors. So that’s why they give employees free admission and discounts on hotels and merchandise.

Spotify not only provides 6 months of paid paternal leave and then a month of flexible work options, but they also cover costs for egg freezing and fertility assistance!

Burton ensures that all employees are living their values and enjoying the sport the company was built around. They do this with seasonal ski passes for employees and designated “snow days” to hit the slopes after a big snowstorm!

Twillo proves that sometimes even the smallest gestures have an impact on employee happiness. They give all new employees a Kindle plus a monthly to spending allowance to purchase books.

Evernote is all about team-building! Their “Evernote Academy” offers courses and classes like macaroon baking.

Adobe shuts down the entire company for a week in the summer and a week in December. It’s a nice way to ensure that all of their employees get some downtime, whether they want to or not!

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Epic Systems Corporation offers to their employees a four-week, paid sabbatical to pursue their creative talents after they’ve been with the company for five years.

And the winner for the most unusual benefit goes to Zillow– They allow and pay for employees who are traveling to ship their breast milk!

So what do these companies get in return for offering employees these benefits? They attract great talent, have a high retention rate, seen increases in sales, converted employees into brand ambassadors…. do I really need to go on?

So what is your favorite benefit?? Does your company have a benefit that belongs on this list? Then let us know on social media!

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