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The Scientific Reason You’re Always Late

Try as you might, you often find yourself late to work, an important meeting, or to just meet with your friends. Some people are always on time, some are always late- you just happen to be chronologically late. Tardiness can sometimes just be due to poor planning or sleeping in, but science gives us the real reasons. While the five scientific reasons for why you’re late will help you understand yourself better, it doesn’t mean your boss will accept it as an excuse. Will this article change your habits? Probs not. But at least you can throw some psychology at your co-workers.

1. You’re Doing it on Purpose

Scientific Reasons Why You're LateYou may or may not recognize when you’re being late on purpose, but you’re late because you’re feeling oppressed by your micromanager. Psychologist Julie Jarett Marcuse proposes that people who are unhappy at work and feel that their manager micromanages them often come to work late to retain some control over their work life. Marcuse stated that tardiness, “passively expresses resentment about the expectations of others and anger about submitting to external demands.”

2. You’re a Native Multitasker

multi-taskingStudies show that multitaskers are often late and slower to finish one project since their brain is constantly switching from one task to another. You’re probably late from throwing your laundry into the dryer, deciding what to wear, and making breakfast at the same time. I’m guilty of the aforementioned things. In fact, I often find myself doing my makeup in the living room to shorten my trip to the kitchen and laundry room.

3. You’re a Type B Personality

Type B personalityStudies show that Type A personalities and Type B personalities experience time differently, or their perception of time is different. Type A personalities feel like a minute has passed after 58 seconds and Type B personalities feel like a minute has passed after 77 seconds. The good news is that Type B personalities are good at multi-tasking (see #2), tend to be more creative, and are more relaxed than Type As (holler, my fellow Type Bs). The solution? Get a watch.

4. You’re taking the Same Route Every Day

Spongebob routine gifInterestingly, people who take a familiar route actually underestimate the time it takes to reach their destination whereas people who take a new route overestimate the time it takes to reach a destination.

5. You Suck at Planning

Science gives us chronologically-late people excuses, but we can’t deny that we may just be terrible at time-blocking and planning things. Don’t worry, science also says that some people will just always late and there’s not much more they can do- it’s engrained.

The Scientific Reason You're Always Late

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