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Silicon Valley is Taking LSD to Enhance Job Performance

Everyone knows that Silicon Valley is a highly competitive job space. People are continually pushed to perform better and deliver more results in order to gain success and get ahead in their careers. People experience burnout and other psychological problems quite often, which is why it’s not surprising to know that some professionals take steps that are detrimental to their health and well-being in order to increase their performance. One such step is the consumption of LSD to enhance job performance.

What do they do?

Silicon Valley professionals do something called micro-dosing wherein they consume small doses of LSD and other such psychedelic drugs in order to improve their overall performance. Micro-doses usually amount to around 10 to 15 milligrams, which is around 1/10 of the dose needed to experience the LSD trip and hallucinations. People who have consumed this drug in such small doses say that they experience an increase in creativity and productivity and reduction in overall stress and anxiety.

The professionals experience a mild euphoria along with a surge of energy, which helps them stay awake and active throughout the day. This trend started a few years ago when people started looking for healthy alternatives to Adderal and other such drugs. A double shot of espresso just wasn’t enough to keep them going and they needed something a little extra. LSD does provide that little extra kick, but it also comes at a cost. This is a disturbing trend all over the globe, but is particularly popular in San Francisco.

Is it safe?

LSD stands for d-lysergic acid and it’s a hallucinogen or a psychoactive compound that affects the nervous system directly. The compound is extracted from ergot, which is a fungus that thrives on grains. LSD is known to increase blood pressure and elevate the heart rate. It can also cause other symptoms like nausea, palpitations, dizziness, shakiness, and sweating.

LSD, even in small doses, is especially harmful for people with depression and anxiety that are already on medication. It’s known to have caused increased blood pressure, agitation, increased heart rate, elevated temperature, and even seizures.

LSD essentially overwhelms your nervous system and causes illusions, hallucinations, and recklessness. Unfortunately, this drug is very unpredictable and causes different reactions in different people. Some people require a large dose to experience any effect while others experience severe reactions on even the smallest dosage. Moreover, the drugs these Silicon Valley professionals consume aren’t pure lab processed LSD doses. They typically have other harmful ingredients like bath salts, PCP, cocaine, etc, in the mix.

Unfortunately, no matter how small a dose you take, the risks definitely outweigh the benefits. LSD can remain in your system for nearly 12 hours before it’s excreted through urine after being processed by the liver. Long-term users experience flashbacks, memory loss, and other problems. Some users believe that consumption in a safe and controlled environment can help, but it’s simply better to not risk it.

While it’s tempting to look for safe ways to enhance performance, more natural methods, lifestyle changes, and healthy habits will prove more beneficial and effective in the long run.

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