Chief Executive Officer

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Ryan founded XTech in 2009, prior to which he had extensive experience as an Installation Engineer and Project Manager within the Semiconductor Industry. Ryan is a natural leader stemming from his military service where he excelled as a Nuclear Reactor Operator in the United States Navy. Ryan’s attention to detail and entrepreneurial spirit have guided XTech from inception to grow into a Vendor of Choice for Tokyo Electron America and others. Ryan’s vision of providing the best possible engineers has grown into the formation of a Training Center with the capability of training engineers on a wide variety of curricula. This Training Center will be a key factor in providing customers with well trained engineers for any job or function within the Semiconductor Industry. Ryan is the guiding light behind XTech and his contributions are unending as XTech grows. In addition Ryan’s hunger for continual improvement on all processes and procedures ensure doing business with XTech is easy and error free.