Chief Executive Officer

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Ryan co-founded X Tech, Fab Ready Solutions Inc. (dba XTech Staffing) January 2010 and proceeded to learn how to negotiate contracts and secure projects from large multi-national corporations within the realm of staffing and flexible labor solutions. XTech has grown into a small, but global enterprise consisting of two closely-held sister companies; XTech EU (HQ’d in Dublin, Ireland) and XTech Israel in Tel Aviv Israel. Prior to the founding of XTech, headquartered in Austin, TX, Ryan was involved in the creation and founding of an air taxi startup which never got off the ground (pun intended). Ryan was a latecomer to the burgeoning very light jet (VLJ) based air taxi industry’s silent revolution, aka SATS;, circa early 21st century. He formed a small investing group of aviation professionals and engineers and attempted to create the formative basis of what was to be a fractional aircraft ownership / air taxi operator startup company. The industry self-imploded within two years of Ryan beginning his entrepreneurial air taxi endeavor, primarily due to a lack of avionic control/communication technologies & integration, out-of-date FAA/DOT regulations, necessary (but stifling) certification timelines and costs, the realization that the sub-one million dollar VLJ was not a technological nor manufacturing possibility at that point in time and a sharp increase in aviation fuel prices. While the experience cost Ryan time and his investments in the company, he learned an invaluable amount about business forecasting and raising private capital. Prior to Ryan’s air taxi industry venture, he enjoyed earning his certifications as an open water diver, an FAA licensed private pilot, and a DOE Certified U.S. Naval Nuclear Reactor Operator, having served 6 years active duty, ~ 4 of that on the U.S.S. Nimitz CVN-68, currently the oldest aircraft carrier in the U.S. fleet; Ryan’s guiding vision for XTech Staffing has been for it to grow into a full-service staffing and labor services organization, serving the needs of a broad array of customers across a diverse base of industries. XTech got it’s start in the high tech semiconductor and high-end commercial lighting controls industries. Since XTech’s inception, Ryan’s goal has been to learn the nuances, shortcomings and real-time market opportunities as may exist within the modern-day staffing industry. He believes he has discovered a vast un-tapped market opportunity and is positioning XTech Staffing to take part in his vision for the future of manpower provisioning. According to Mr. Partin, the way people find and/or are introduced to their next job, is undergoing a radical change and will be markedly unrecognizable from the process most of us endure today… words chosen specifically, as Mr. Partin believes the process is unnecessarily painful and results in the employment insecurities we’ve all come to know and accept in today’s work environment. He’s not willing to speak openly about the finer context of his future plans for XTech, but does quickly point out that change is inevitable, all around us in our daily lives and sometimes moves in unpredictable and industry disrupting ways. Ryan plans to change (disrupt) the way we ALL approach finding our next job in a major market-shifting way. Stay tuned…