rick's headshot

National Account Manager

Rick was born in Singapore to parents who migrated from China before the Communist rule. Singapore was then a Malayan state until 1965 when the other Malayan states ousted Singapore. The Republic of Singapore was then born and Malaya was re-named as Malaysia.

Rick received his BSc Degree in Thermal Engineering from the National University of Singapore. After working in various industries in Japan, China, Taiwan and HongKong, Rick emigrated to the US in 1994. Rick’s career in the hi-tech industries took him to many countries. Growing up in Singapore, Rick speaks many languages, which helped immensely in his global travel.

Rick’s philosophy is ‘if anything is worth doing, it is worth doing right the first time’. Rick’s professional goal is to continue to grow XTech as a renowned staffing, worldwide. The sky is the ‘limit’. There is plenty of talents in XTech, who scout for more talents to help XTech customers be successful.

Rick has a loving and supportive family that could adapt well to changes.

Rick likes sports, both as a player and a fan. Soccer was his first ‘love’, but since Rick could not do any more ‘banana’ and ‘bicycle’ kicks, he finally switched to Ping Pong !