Rebeca Velazquez


Rebeca Velazquez was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico and lived on the tropical island until her family emigrated to “The Sunshine State” of Florida where she would spend 3 years in Tampa and 25 years in Fort Lauderdale. New to Texas, Rebeca joined the XTech Staffing team as the Controller. Her previous roles include Cost Accountant, Revenue Accountant and Financial Consultant for publicly traded companies such as Tyco and Randstad. Her main goal at XTech Staffing is to create innovative ways to promote financial growth. Afterall, she believes that Accounting is the department where everyone counts (literally but not figuratively).

When Rebeca is not burning her brain crunching numbers, she can be found crunching sit-ups in the gym or nachos in a restaurant. More than fitness and eating, she enjoys spending time with her family, helping people and rescuing animals. One of her core beliefs is that one’s character is determined by how he or she treats someone who cannot do anything for them. With that being said, the best compliment she has ever received was being told that she treats the janitor the same way as she treats the CEO. In Rebeca’s vision, everyone is equally important and plays a vital role in his or her company no matter how big or small.