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Questions to Ask in an Interview That Will Leave Them Impressed!

When hiring managers ask, “Do you have any questions for me?” They aren’t just being polite and wrapping things up before ending the interview. They are offering you an opportunity to show how well you understand the position and company and also probing to find out how interested you are in the opportunity. Their question to you leaves a huge window open for you to make an impact and leave a solid impression.

This question that the hiring manager saves for the end isn’t for you to ask about raises, vacation time, or other perks. Asking questions about those topics could actually cost you the job. When you ask these questions, you can easily be perceived as someone that is only focused on what the job is going to offer to you. The best questions to ask an interviewer before wrapping up the interview are ones that demonstrate a sincere interest in the position and at the company. Not to mention, it also shows that you’ve done all your homework on the company and position.

So what should be asking the interviewer at the end of the interview? Well lucky for you, we’ve gathered the best ones into a list. Remember these questions and pull out the ones that best suit the direction the interview went in. Showing you’re involved and interested in more than a paycheck is very important when companies are looking to hire a new employee.

“Do you expect the main responsibilities for this position to change in the next year or so?”

This question is going to show you a clearer picture of the future in this role.

“How will I be trained?”

Very important if you are wanting to know if you will be expected to hit the ground running or if there is a transition period with training.

“What will a typical day look like in this role?”

This question serves to uncover more details about the role and help in making a decision whether you would want to accept the job or not.

“What are the biggest challenges currently facing the company/department?”

Asking about the company’s challenges will help you uncover issues and reveal areas where your skills could save the day!

“What opportunities for advancement are present at [Company Name Here]?”

If you want to advance your career, which you hopefully want to do, or if you’re looking to stay with one company for some time then you need to ask this question.

“What is the performance review process like here?”

Knowing how you and your work will be reviewed in the future could be a huge personal factor on whether you want to accept a job offer or not.

“Where do you see this company in the next few years?”

Is this company growing? Are they growing rapidly? Are they going through a bit of a rough period? You want to know the answer to this question before you accept any job offer.

“What is the most exciting part about this company’s future?”

Goes hand-in-hand with the above question. Ask one or the other, though.

“Who, or what team, will I work with most closely?”

Ask this question to figure out who you’ll be working with, and likely having future interviews with as well.

“What is the company and team culture like?”

Fitting in with a company’s culture should always be a huge consideration in deciding whether or not you would enjoy and be comfortable working at the company.

“Is the work environment here more collaborative or independent?”

Are you looking to work on a team? Rather work independently? Either way, you need to ask this question.

“What are the biggest areas of trouble you’re hoping the person in this position can help you with?”

This question is going to provide very clear insight on what to expect when you start. Do you want to join a company where you are expected to put out huge fires on day one?

“Why did you join (Company Name Here)?”

A very polite way to ask, “Why should I want to work here?”

“What is your favorite part about working here?”

The answer could reveal some office perks and additional insight into the company’s culture.

“What are the next steps in the interview process?”

This question is great in conveying to the interviewer that you are eager to move forward in the process. It also helps you gain important information about the hiring timeline.

“Is there anything that concerns you about me being a great fit for this role?

A little risky, but it could pay off. You could address any of these issues and concerns with the interviewer in-person before you leave. Only ask this question if the interview went pretty well and you feel confident that you would actually be a great fit!

***Bonus: “I was wondering what your best moment at [Company Name Here] has been so far?”

This clever question will give you plenty of insight into the company and its culture, as well as how you might fit in there. Additionally, what better way to end the interview than a question about the interviewer’s fondest memory with the company?

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