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Relationship Manager

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Patricia Nevin is a globally focused individual with strong awareness of complex business and financial management systems. She has expertise in analysis and research with a strong track record for outstanding leadership.

Over the last twenty years Patricia has developed her career in international business focusing on Human Resources,

International Relocation, Recruitment, Employment Law, International Work Visa / Processing, Logistics & Sales, Hospitality and Spa Operations.

Patricia is a quiet achiever, calmly focused and highly motivated with enthusiasm for cross cultural business operations.

Thanks to Patricia’s international business experience she has a positive attitude toward change and new environments and is sensitive to the dynamics of a cross-cultural work place.

Patricia grew up in County Kildare, Ireland and moved to the United States with Intel in 1996. She worked in the semiconductor industry for many years and took a break from it to study Alternative Medicine.

Patricia returned to the Semiconductor / Human Resources Industry when she joined XTECH, Austin, in December 2013. Patricia moved back to Ireland in February 2014 to assist with opening our XTECH EU Head Office.

Patricia thoroughly enjoys the diverseness of her role with XTECH and is looking forward to a long exciting career with XTECH.