Office Culture Killers You Must Avoid!

Certain types of management styles can completely destroy your employees’ motivation. That old-school approach of “The management is ALWAYS right,” is doing far more damage than good.

There’s ton of data out there to backup how poor management can negatively affect a company, but many companies are totally unaware of the repercussions of these office culture killers.


Businessman working with documents in the officeThis is a biggie that causes many people in the office great stress. There’s nothing more aggravating than a manager who is so eager to dissect a piece of work as it’s being done.

It isn’t an innovation killer but it does make the employees feel stressed and anxious. It isn’t cool and isn’t often tolerated these days. A majority of employees, if surveyed, don’t approve of adding extra reviews and management as part of their workflow.

Eliminating Perks

Young team working at desks in stylish officeIt may not sound bad, but it is probably one of the quickest way to kill office culture or the morale of your employees. When someone accepts a job offer they are committing to that organization and all it has to offer. The worst thing a company can do is not keep their promise.

If it is a perk that is losing the company a lot of money it would be best discussed company-wide. The employees will feel better knowing the information backing the cut of perks.


Too many layers of management will destroy an organization. Imagine having to get one task approved by several layers of management. Things need to get done, and the faster, while not sacrificing quality, the better.

xtech staffingWhen your company can stop having so many layers just to make decisions, it’ll be able to act fast, fail fast, and keep going to do new things. It’s an ambitious though, but it’s better to focus on the individual and what they are bringing to the table.

Lack of Transparency

A company that is not transparent or honest with their employees isn’t allowing them to get the bigger picture of what they are working on. When employees don’t know the “why” behind the method of doing things, it doesn’t allow them to be as productive as they could be.

When companies are transparent, they get the most out of their employees. Employees will be more productive and aware of what their company’s intentions truly are. They also will have a better understanding of the decisions that need to be made in order to succeed.

Lack of Praise

Bored woman working with her laptopIt may not seem that bad, but this is a huge, MASSIVE, employee motivation and office culture killer. When employees are recognized or praised it makes them feel as if they don’t belong.

It doesn’t have to be over the top and bottles of champagne and confetti, but leaders should listen to feedback and give a pat on the back from time to time. The last thing you want to is build a culture with negativity surrounding it. Nothing good comes out of it and your employees will become disengaged.

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