Millennials: How to Attract and Hire the Next Workforce [INFOGRAPHIC]

Millennials- those people born in the late 80’s and 90’s that are hard to define (though a quick Google search will give you millions of articles and studies attempting just that) and the generation that continues to baffle other generations. And now, they’re presenting a new challenge to employers.

Recruiting millennials requires a whole new approach. Recruiters and hiring managers need to understand the new values and motivators millennials possess, which are starkly different than the generations before them.

So we’ve made this handy infographic that will guide you through understanding millennials and key factors to successfully hiring and retaining them (and their talent). After all, this generation will continue growing and in less than six years they will make up 50% of the workforce. Better to learn and understand how to engage and hire them now than later, right?

Hiring Millennials infographic

You’re probably surprised to see millennials are very satisfied with their job, while they’re also open to new opportunities. Job-hopping is more common in this generation than ever before. The median tenure for millennials is 3 years, which is under a third of the median tenure for 50+ professionals.

The biggest takeaway is understanding millennials aren’t necessarily unhappy at work; they’re just incredibly open to new opportunities. Remember, the overwhelming majority (84%) are interested in talking to recruiters. This generation is also more likely to be actively searching for a new position or role. And millennials search job boards the most to find these opportunities.

What’s essential for you as a hiring manager or recruiter is to personalize your message and include the specifics that are going to get them interested in bringing their talent to your team! The three things they want to know the most are specifics on role’s responsibilities, why you specifically contacted them, and the projected salary range. Contact them through any channel, they don’t mind if it’s text, email, or a phone call.

For a millennial candidate there are two things that define a positive hiring experience: 1. getting all their questions answered and 2. post-interview follow-up. Millennials need feedback because they want to use it to improve with their next interview. And as an employer, you want their (and all candidates) respect because this directly affects your employer brand!


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