Business Solutions Mgr.

Jeremy is a native Texan and grew up in the, at the time, small city of Austin; he never has understood why some people feel obligated to leave their hometown in search of something better (big surprise). He graduated with honors from McNeil High School where he competed in debate and the Business Professionals of America organization and went on from there to major in Psychology for his undergraduate studies. Jeremy found he had knack for sales and management early in his professional career when he was promoted to sales manager within 4 months of starting his first sales role. He now has 12 years of sales and management experience as a hands-on leader of people and results and says he owes his success to one thing: “Truly understand and care about your customers needs, not about your own, and you will never have to worry about success in sales.” He swears he didn’t read that on a fortune cookie. Typically you can find Jeremy at Cap-City Comedy Club or at one of the many dog-friendly patios and parks here in Austin with his salt-and-pepper snauzer Ripley.