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XTech Staffing Agency is an International Staffing Agency headquartered in Austin, Texas that helps local, national, and international companies build their dream team without hassles. We are a full-service International Recruiting Agency with 7+years of successfully connecting businesses to quality talent. Our simple, yet unique service offerings, combined with the no-nonsense way in which we help our clients achieve their goals, takes the pain out of the hiring and job-seeking processes.

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As any Job Seeker knows, the international job searching process can be long, hard, and leave you feeling completely hopeless, but at our International Recruiting Agency we are here to give you a little extra help.

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We are one of the best international recruitment agencies and that comes from our passion and dedication to helping employers and job seekers alike in finding their perfect candidate or career. We have experience staffing international jobs in countries such as the United States, China, Japan, Russia, Ireland, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and India. We on-board talent and provide companies with a custom tailored staffing solution that will best fit their needs. Our Team of Recruiters will provide to you and your company the best in flexible labor programs. For individuals interested in International jobs and careers, our Recruiters cut through the red tape and are with you, and helping you, through every step in the process.

We are proud employers for companies such as Lutron and TEL, but we are always comfortable and happy to work with any company in any industry looking to outsource the on-boarding of great talent. We are headquartered in Austin, Texas but we have the capacity and ability to work with your company locally, nationally, and even internationally.

Just to name a few of the benefits you will reap when working with us: we offer all levels and professions, we have highly qualified candidates, we use a specialized recruitment process, all businesses are welcome to hire us, we are locally owned and operated, we have low fees, we are flexible, AND we give a very in-depth screening process to all potential candidates.

There are so many great reasons to using an international employment agency such as ours. First, we’re not restricted by your location; we’re headquartered in Austin, Texas but we have the capacity and familiarity to work and employ virtually. Additionally, we work with many employers, locally, nationally, even internationally, so we are constantly receiving new listings and opportunities.

For Job Seekers, we are an international recruiting agency that has 7+ experience placing individuals into international development jobs and domestic and overseas contract jobs. We have staffed jobs for the engineering industry as well as countless other jobs overseas. Our international staffing agency has years of experience in providing complete visa services for employees coming to America or working overseas.

Sadly, there are many international careers and global jobs that are looking for qualified people to fill those positions and there are just not as many qualified workers taking them. This is quite the reverse from what was happening just a few years ago and companies can feel discouraged trying to find and place these positions. But that’s why working with an international recruiting agency like us can help tremendously. Our Recruiting Experts can easily connect companies to the qualified and like-minded individuals they are wanting and with little to no extra work for anyone involved. And for Job Seekers, this service comes at no cost to you. Adding your resume to our candidate pool or a quick search through our ever-growing job listings can land you the domestic or international job you are wanting.

One of the greatest benefits for a job seeker to work with an international recruiting agency is our ability to cut through the red tape and negotiate job contracts to ensure a smooth transition to work abroad or domestically. For job candidates we never charge any fees and will provide the stipends, housing, and technology needed to get the international job done.

Features of Our International Staffing Solutions Programs:

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Flex-Labor™ Program

Flex-Labor™ Program, we provide to employers applicants for Temporary Staffing, Contract Placement, as well as Temp-to-Hire for short to long-term projects. We make it quick for your company to bring new employees in without having to hire them. Temporary or overseas contracting, big or small, we can get your international jobs filled. Our international temp agency always provides the same qualified resources as when hiring candidates for long-term needs. With our Flex-Labor Program we offer:

  • Detailed interview and basic background checks specific to the role prior to submission
  • Detailed and accurate job descriptions
  • Coaching and counseling services for any candidate performance issues while on assignment
  • Exit interviews for contract employees and quality surveys to promote open communication
  • Hourly labor, short to long-term projects
  • Projects, ramp periods, production runs, or simply growth
  • Option to on-board resource after an evaluation period
  • Competitive hourly bill rates

Flex-Staffing™ Program

Flex-Staffing™ Program is our fee-based service that will handle your International Direct Hire/Placement Hire and Global Executive Recruitment from our pool of high-quality and talented candidates. At our international recruiting agency, our Recruiting Experts and Relationship Managers can ensure a top performer is hired by launching a full-recruiting campaign that is tailored for your company’s needs. Benefits that come from using our services to place permanent top talent in your domestic or international jobs:

  • Offer All Levels and Professions
  • High Quality Candidates
  • Specialized Recruitment
  • Businesses of All Sizes Are Welcomed
  • Locally Owned and Operated Service with International and Domestic Recruiting Capabilities
  • Low-Cost Placement Fees
  • Flexible Terms and Services
  • Skill Testing Available
  • In-Depth Screening Process
  • I9 Screening
  • Drug Screens Available
  • Past Employment Verification
  • Criminal Background Searches Available

Flex-Payroll™ Program

We can also offer employers our incredible Flex-Payroll™ Program which features services to help outsource HR and to cover all new employee processing (payroll, year-end W2’s, unemployment insurance, and more) to help your company minimize administrative burdens. When on-boarding new talent, the last thing you and your company want to worry about is the paperwork. Our Flex-Payroll Program lets us at XTech act as the employer of record for full-time, part-time, and even temporary employees. Payroll Staffing through our international recruiting agency is beneficial due to:

  • Reduction in weekly payroll processing time.
  • No need to stay up to date with for government requirements for payroll employees.
  • Reimbursements are Simplified
  • Reduce Hiring and Firing Costs
  • Reduce or Eliminate Record Keeping
  • Evaluate Employees before Committing to them
  • Save Time and Costs on On-boarding
  • Reduce Unemployment Rates
  • Extend your Human Resources Department

We Staff and Recruit the Best Talent Globally

At XTech Staffing, we’re one of the most experienced and trusted international recruiting agencies. We are proud to be recognized for connecting top talent with domestic and overseas jobs. Most times, trying to directly hire an employee on a global level can take a lot of time, even more effort, and on your own you won’t have the XTech guarantee that the candidate will be a great fit. When you hire our dedicated recruiters to fill your open domestic or international jobs, we take on the hard work and allow you to get back to focusing on running your company.

The benefits to hiring an international recruiting agency such as us are incredible. Our talent will meet or exceed your expectations since our candidates are professionally screened, interviewed, tested, and assessed. We conduct employment verification, verify credentials, background

check, and even arrange personal interviews for you. We will work with your company to understand your international employment needs and recruit a search based on your needs and budget.

Whether your company is hiring an immediate, permanent placement or direct hiring, our international recruitment agency will yield results much quicker than advertising through other channels. The staffing solutions programs we offer fall into three broad categories but our Team of Recruiters will custom tailor the program to fit your company’s staffing needs.

Overseas Jobs for Americans

If you’re an American looking for work abroad in an international career, XTech Staffing is the international recruiting agency that can help make that dream a reality. We have an international job board and we are always receiving new job listings from countries such as China, Japan, Russia, Ireland, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and India.

One of the greatest benefits for a job seeker to work with an international recruiting agency is our ability to cut through the red tape and negotiate job contracts to ensure a smooth transition to work abroad or domestically. For job candidates we never charge any fees and will provide the stipends, housing, and technology needed to get the international job done.

International companies are unique and so are our solutions. Our international staffing agency will provide you with everything your employment needs. Contact us today to get XTech Staffing working to find you the best international talent!