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How To Spot A Liar During An Interview

By – Caitlin Johnson

When you’re the person that’s responsible for hiring new recruits you have to turn into a detective to ensure the information you are being given is truthful. With so many people fighting for employment, not everyone is going to be honest on their application or during the interview process. Having the right skills to spot a liar is paramount to ensuring you are hiring the best person for the job. You don’t have to wait until they are on the payroll before you find out that they don’t have what it takes to fulfill the role. Find out during the hiring process so that you don’t dismiss a better candidate.

The first thing you should look for is discrepancies in the type of expertise they have in relation to their previous job history. If the job role(s) they have previously undertaken don’t match with their qualifications you should ask the potential employee to take you through their CV and ask further questions about anything that doesn’t seem to add up. If they are able to elaborate without looking uncomfortable then they are more than likely being honest. Don’t be afraid to research before bringing someone in or telephoning them for an interview to ensure the subjects they seem well versed in are actual knowledge, not just jargon they have picked up from others.

There are many job seekers that will want to stand out over other applicants but lying is not the way to go as they may not be able to fulfill the role they are going for. They will more than likely have an element of truth in their but will add extra accomplishments to make them look better than they actually are. It’s not only job applicants that do this, but employers too. They can make it seem as though they are the best company to work for and will be most unlikely to let you know if there is a member of staff that has left because they just can’t be around them. If a company is in the middle of layoffs this is not going to be something they want to share with you. The bottom line is everyone has the potential to lie for their own personal gain.

What you do need to bear in mind is that most job applicants are not being deceitful for any other reason than they want to work for your company. They may have applied to and failed to get a job elsewhere and feel that they have to lie to get employment. For a job applicant the interview process can be extremely unnerving because they feel under scrutiny. You are the person that holds the power and they want to impress you in any way they can.

Rather than right out accuse an applicant of being a liar, use the time to find out more about them. You can ask questions but also have a softer approach that will hopefully give them the confidence to be honest. You can also use it to improve your own interview skills so that you can get to know the person underneath the qualifications. Maybe they will fit another role within the company or the job will be fine for them with training.

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