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How to Manage Your Crazy Life With Your Crazy Job

Work-life balance has always been a concern for job seekers, and it’s still a big concern today. Most professionals sacrifice their free time, weekends, and social life in order to get ahead in their career and survive in a highly competitive world. Surveys indicate that as much as 94% of the working professionals questioned, work for more than 50 hours a week. More than 50% said they worked more than 65 hours a week.

This can be harmful to a person’s health, personal life, and social life. Eventually, you will burn out or succumb to the stress. There are ways to maintain a healthy work-life balance and still remain successful in your field.

1. Organize Your Schedule for Maximum Effectiveness

An organized schedule can help you stay on track with all of your projects and meetings and manage your levels of stress. It will also help you keep distractions at bay and understand how your own mind works to improve your productivity. Here’s what you can do:

  • Schedule all of your most critical projects and tasks early in the day so they’re out of the way.
  • Identify periods in the day where you slow down or aren’t as productive and schedule tasks that require less concentration during that time.
  • Set aside a few minutes every couple of hours to check your emails and messages instead of checking them constantly.

2. Perfectionism Won’t Help You

Many professionals are obsessed with getting perfect results and solutions to their problems, but that’s not possible. While you should certainly do your best and improve constantly, you can’t really get everything perfect and completed on time. Allow yourself some room to make mistakes and focus on doing your best instead of being perfect. That will save you a lot of time and stress.

3. Exercise and Meditate

The mind can become a noisy place if you’re busy and distracted. Dozens of thoughts and projects can clamor for your attention and distract you or make you anxious. Both exercise and meditation can help reduce the stress and clear your mind from distractions. Ensure there’s enough room in your schedule for exercise and/or meditation. Exercise will keep you fit, especially if you have a sedentary job; it will also trigger the reward system in your brain and give you an adrenalin boost. Meditation will clear your mind and soothe your anxiety.

4. Unplug at the End of the Day

This is one of the most important steps to take if you want to maintain work-life balance. Our advanced communications technology has blurred the lines and people are expected to respond to calls, messages, and emails even after work hours. That can lead to a lot of stress because you don’t get a break from work and your mind is constantly on new projects and future meetings. Disconnect after you leave your workplace and try to schedule a time every day when you’re not near a phone or computer.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance wouldn’t just have an impact on your personal and social life, but it would also improve the quality of your work and your level of productivity. Use these suggestions to improve your work-life balance and minimize your stress.


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