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How To Easily Advance Your Career

A career consumes a majority of the waking hours of many lives, yet many are not thoughtfully taking the time to plan how to invest in themselves and how to easily advance their career. No matter if you’re in a corporate or low-skill position, you still need to get in the mindset that you ARE an entrepreneur. You’re navigating and investing in your career!

The biggest step in advancing your career is developing a career path. To get started do a self-assessment on what your hard and soft skills are. Knowledge and technical skills are your hard skills and the soft skills are everything else, like personality. A skills assessment will bring to light any lack of sufficient training or education for your dream career path.

Another great idea to advance your career is joining a professional association for your vocation and/or industry. This is one of the most powerful, and highly effective, tools available. Yet, far too many people disregard joining one. But go further than just joining the group! The benefits from joining come from being an engaged member. Go to meetings regularly, which most often offer up valuable education opportunities. Also, network! Mix and mingle with top professionals in your field. If there is an opportunity to serve on the leadership board, take it! The members of the association are “your people” and together you all will share best practices and explore new opportunities. Oh, let’s not forget about how being a member of a professional association looks awesome on your resume!

Advancing your career can happen easily if you can find yourself a professional mentor. A mentor is someone who will help guide you through your career by sharing his or her experiences. Look for someone in your field whose career you’d like to mirror. A mentor needs to be someone you respect and someone you would want to learn from. They need to also see your value and has a sincere interest in wanting to help you succeed and grow.

A win list is a simple method to advancing your career to a higher level. A win list exists to keep note of all of your accomplishments. Big or small, put every win on that list. All victories are great and should be recorded. If possible, keep evidence on file as well. Example: Receiving a letter from a client thanking you and complimenting your service is great to keep on file. A win list is something you want to refer to during performance reviews and job interviews. Specifically referring to wins and projects that were successful is what interviewers want to hear about. Plus, while you’re updating that resume, you can look at the list to find inspiration for accomplishments that should be highlighted. A powerful resume that demonstrates your capabilities is sure to win over the hiring team. Additionally, when you’re feeling down or need some motivation, going over your win list and past victories will help you pick yourself back up.

Investing in yourself will pay off in more ways than a bigger paycheck. Advancing your career will come easier following the above techniques. You really have to be honest with yourself in what you want and where you want your career to go. The one person who is in control of your path and where it goes is you and you alone!


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