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How to be a Star in the Video Interview

It’s not uncommon for businesses to fly-in out-of-town candidates and put them up in a hotel, but bringing in candidates from another state or even another city can be costly. Thankfully technology has made the world a smaller place and long-distance interviews are easy and cost-effective; tools like Skype and Google Hangouts allow distant candidates and employers to meet face-to-face.

While face-to-face interviews will always be the richest form of communication, digital interviewing is a close second that gives employers and candidates the convenience they need.

So here’s your digital interview guide:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the tools you’ll be using for the video interview. You can ensure the interview process runs smoothly and show the interviewers that you’re tech savvy.
  1. Invest in a high-quality camera and microphone so interviews can clearly see and hear you. This also helps you look like a professional.
  1. Use soft lighting, not harsh lighting that would accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.Bad lighting versus good lighting
  1. Pick a spot with the aforementioned lighting that doesn’t have a busy background. You should position yourself in front of a blank or neutral wall for a professional setting that doesn’t distract the interviewers.
  1. Check and clean your equipment before the interview.
  1. Make sure the camera is at eye-level so that you can look into the camera as though you’re looking directly at the interviewers’ eyes.
  1. Use the opportunity to have a script on hand so that you don’t miss your key points. Don’t hold the script in your hand, just keep it somewhere so you can glance at it if you feel like you’re forgetting something.
  1. Make sure your appearance is as clean as it would be if the interview were face-to-face. Make sure your face is shine-free and your hair is grease-free.
  1. Make sure your username is professional. For example, don’t have a username like sk8erboi385.
  1. Wear your full suit and stay formal. This means you should also wear interview pants and shoes in case you happen to get up and they can see below your waist. It’d be awkward if you were wearing the top part of your suit and forgot you were just wearing boxers before you got up to grab something.
  1. Keep your pets in a separate room. Barking dogs and keyboard cats should be locked in a separate room or area of the house in case they randomly decide they’re feeling extra needy during the interview.Cat laying on the keyboard of a computer

Video Interview Infographic

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