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How Crazy is it to Quit Without a Plan?

It’s smart to hold on to your current job until you find something better, but things don’t always go as planned and certain circumstances call for a spontaneous “I quit” one-liner.

I generally recommend people to stay with a job they hate until there’s a backup plan, but here are a few instances where it may be the best option. Are you totally crazy if you call it quits without a plan? Maybe not.

You’re Crazy if You Haven’t Figured Out Whether You Want the Same Career

If you can’t determine whether you want to change careers or if you just need to work for a different company, then you’re crazy to quit right now.

Spend some time with your thoughts and sleep on it for a little bit. If you quit out of nowhere, then you’ll end up wasting time deciding what you want to be when you grow up and you’ll end up applying for jobs you may not want.

You’re Crazy if You Haven’t Saved Your Money

Assuming you’re not living with your parents, then you’ll need some money put aside. The general rule is to have at least six months worth of savings for unemployment periods.

You can’t quit your job and expect a new one to be lined up within a week. Even if you apply diligently, it could take months to find a job that’s comparable to your current salary and benefits.

You’re Not So Crazy if Your Job Affects Your Health

Your physical and mental health is above any job. If you’re losing sleep because you’re working too much, if you’re constantly stressed, if you’re depressed, or if you’re physically affected due to the aforementioned things, then you need to get out.

Frequent depression or stress at work often leads to a poor diet, less working out, a more sedentary lifestyle, and raise your blood pressure.

You’re Not So Crazy if You Want a New Career

No job or work experience is pointless since you can carry over the things you learned, but your current job is less important and less relevant if you want a career change. You could use your unemployment period to focus on getting the proper certifications and research your new career.

So Are You Crazy?

In the end, only you can determine how prepared you are to leave your job; however, take the time to assess your current situation and the worst-case scenario. But I’m not one to judge. Afterall, life calls for crazy moments once in a while.


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