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At XTech Staffing, we help companies build their dream team without the hassles. We on-board talent and provide custom solutions to fit business needs.

 We are a full-service employment agency with more than 7 years connecting businesses with premium talent. Our recruiting team provides companies with custom tailored solutions that provide the best in flexible labor programs. No need to look further, for the best in Austin choose us, the experts!

Our Flex-Labor™ solution provides companies the flexibility of gaining immediate access to market ready talent without the arduous tasks of on-boarding. With this program we provide our customers with temporary or temporary-to-direct hire applicants that fit their scale-ability needs.

For businesses looking for an immediate, permanent placement, we offer direct-hire through our Flex-Staffing™ solution. You can be assured of an excellent fit with XTech’s no-questions-asked 90 day ‘perfect fit’ guarantee. If the person we provide doesn’t work out for any reason, within the first 90 days, XTech will help you find a replacement free of charge!

We can also help with streamlining your new-hire process through our Flex-Payroll™ service. XTech helps clients outsource their HR solution providing for minimized paperwork, cost, administrative burden, and the liabilities that come with part-time or seasonal employees or independent contractors.

Our simplified service offerings combined with the no nonsense way in which we help our customers achieve their goals is why you should give us a call. Hiring doesn’t have to be a pain. Hire XTech and it’ll be the last hire you make!

Our Staffing Agency has 7+ years of experience successfully connecting companies and organizations to their perfect candidate. We have a passion for helping companies build their dream team without the hassles and our staffing solutions will be tailored to what your company needs and wants.

Our dedicated Recruiting Team and Relationship Managers have experience placing quality candidates across several different industries, including but certainly not limited to, Technology, Manufacturing, Sales/Marketing, even Admin and Clerical.

We are proud employers for companies such as Lutron and TEL, but we are always comfortable and happy to work with any

company in any industry looking to outsource the on-boarding of great talent. We are headquartered in Austin, Texas but we have the capacity and ability to work with your company locally, nationally, or even internationally.

Just to name a few of the benefits your business will reap after you hire us to help: we offer all levels and professions, we have highly qualified candidates, we use a specialized recruitment process, all businesses are welcome to hire us, we are locally owned and operated, we have low fees, we are flexible, AND we give a very in-depth screening process to all potential candidates.

Our simplified service offerings and staffing solutions combined with the no nonsense way in which we help our customers achieve their goals is why you should give us a call.

Hiring doesn’t have to be a pain. Hire XTech Staffing Agency and it’ll be the last hire you have to make!

Employment Agencies, Staffing Agencies, and Temp Agencies all share one common value: combating unemployment and helping people find work. But what makes an Employment Agency Great is the ability to listen and an understanding of both sides of the process.

At our Staffing Agency, we are recognized for just that and it’s why our unique Staffing Solutions have been proven successful time and time again. But you don’t need to take our word for it, read the reviews on Yelp or Facebook to hear what people are saying about us!

What makes us great is a combination of a few characteristics:

    • Our Recruiters have their fingers on the pulse of their specialist markets; they are the eyes and ears in the market.

    • The extended reach we have from operating on a global scale, our Recruiters have many networks to pull great candidates from.

    • We have candidates that we have selected after assessing and verifying the applicant pool.

    • Finally, and maybe most importantly, is using all of our resources and ability to work under a budget, big or small, we will work with your company, and guarantee a “perfect fit.”

Employers and Job Seekers alike will benefit from hiring us. We are a full-service employment agency with more than 7 years connecting businesses with premium talent. Our recruiting team provides companies with custom tailored solutions that provide the best in flexible labor programs.

No need to look further, for the best in Staffing and Employment choose us, the experts!

Hire our Professional Staffing Agency so you can focus on running your business while our Recruiters handle your Direct Hire or Professional Placement. Our Recruiting Experts based here in Austin, Texas and Kildare, Ireland focus on providing clients the leading industry talent by screening and processing candidates through an arduous qualification process. Our large professional recruiting network enables us to efficiently identify the best talent and then place that candidate within the right position and work environment.

All of our applicants are professionally screened, interviewed, tested, and assessed. We conduct employment verification, verify credentials, background check, and even arrange personal interviews for you. Our success in providing companies the right fit, whether it is an entry-level role or an executive role, is our personal dedication and proven business process in building our customers’ dream team!

Our Direct Hire and Professional Placement program allows us to work as an extension of your HR Department by sourcing you permanent employees. Our talented candidates will meet or exceed your expectations since our seasoned professional staff owns their area of expertise and hires top industry talent.


  • We Offer All Levels and Professions in Many Industries
  • Our Pool of High Quality Candidates
  • Specialized Recruitment
  • Businesses of All Sizes Are Welcomed at Our Staffing Agency
  • Flexible Terms and Services
  • Skill Testing Available
  • In-Depth Screening Process
  • I9 Screening
  • Drug Screens Available
  • Past Employment Verification
  • We have Criminal Background Searches Available
Temp Services Agency

Is your company spending countless hours trying to recruit, evaluate, screen, and interview candidates for open temp/temp-to-hire positions? If so, we can provide a cost-effective program with our Flex Labor™ Services.

With our Temp Employment services, your business gets flexibility and a consistent workforce that can supplement short to long-term staffing needs. Our experienced and dedicated team of Recruiters will take care of the on-boarding hassles and quickly place only the most qualified candidates in the positions.

Our candidates undergo a rigorous vetting process, with in-depth interviews, testing, and personality profiling to ensure they have the right capabilities and work habits to match your company’s culture. We pass all of our candidates through a skills assessment process to ensure they have the drive and capabilities to meet your company’s needs. We will give you and your company great employees plus the opportunity to observe and determine their compatibility with the company culture. Once they have met the agreed time frame you may choose to hire your well-tested employee.

Value Added Aspects:

  • Detailed interview and basic background checks specific to the role prior to submission
  • Detailed and accurate job descriptions
  • Coaching and counseling services for any candidate performance issues while on assignment
  • Hourly labor, short to long-term projects
  • Exit interviews for contract employees and quality surveys to promote open communication
  • Option to on-board resource after an evaluation period
  • Competitive hourly bill rates

As any Job Seeker knows the job searching process can be long, hard, and leave you feeling completely hopeless, but at our Staffing and Temp Agency we are here to give you a little extra help.

There are so many great reasons to using an employment agency such as ours. First, we’re not restricted by your location; we’re headquartered in Austin, Texas but we have the capacity and familiarity to work and employ virtually. Additionally, we work with many employers, locally, nationally, even internationally, so we are constantly receiving new listings and opportunities.

But the most beneficial facet to Job Seekers working with our employment agency is how our Recruiters will cut through the typical job-searching red tape and be there with you in every step of the job searching process.

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in or want to work in, we will help you find the best position available through our staffing agency. Our Team of Recruiters have experience in several industries and we can also help you change career paths if so desired.

Our Staffing and Employment Agency in Texas is a great source for temp services as well. Whatever you are looking for, or if you are just tired of the job searching process, we will professionally and efficiently, help you find the job of your dreams.

From our Temp Staffing Services to our Professional Staffing Services, we at XTech can help you find the perfect job. Visit our Job Listings page or Submit Your Resume to us today!

Some of Our Job Categories

Tech and IT Recruiters

Information Technology and Software development are critical for business growth which means that it’s of the utmost importance for an organization to hire the top technical talent in the industry. Candidates have to be up to date with all new technologies and software platforms in the marketplace and XTech can find those candidates for your business. The right employee can make a world of difference in achieving your business goals. Whether its desktop support or software programming for application development, we’ll find the best talent available! 

Chip Engineering Recruiters

Connecting your business with the top engineers available is what we do. We connect you with candidates that allow you to scale your business. Our field service engineers are the best in the industry. Don’t tie up your resources growing your operations without our help. Our dedicated recruiters understand engineering requirements and can provide the talent needed to produce great immediate results. Our team will work tirelessly to provide you with the perfect candidate for your specific needs. Whether it’s professional engineers, field service engineers or technical support staff, XTech is the best when it comes to identifying engineering talent.

Manufacturing Recruiters

We connect businesses with an array of manufacturing candidates ranging from general laborers to highly skilled tradesmen. The production or fabrication of your end-product requires a mix of employee skill and aptitude levels. Whether it’s a simple or complex duty, it’s important that you have hard working personnel you can count on. At XTech we ensure that you not only have qualified talent, but that you have the RIGHT talent. Sometimes it makes sense to spend more on top talent, but sometimes you need to pay less in order to meet budgetary constraints… we understand this fact of reality. We’ll guide you to the perfect balance of skill to cost. 

Light Industrial and Forklift Recruiters

For the best light industrial talent, work with the best at XTech Staffing. We provide you with candidates that make, move, and maintain your operations. We can provide the experienced (or non-experienced) personnel you need to keep your operations on track; assemblers, forklift drivers, stockers, packagers, or factory help to name a few. Whether it’s to supplement ongoing operations, for seasonal peak demand, or simply to add to your already outstanding team, we’re the agency that can help. Need personnel to work night shift, how about temporary help over the holidays? No matter what the unique scenario is, we can help.

Admin and Clerical Recruiters

No matter the size of your organization, you can’t function at the top of your game without excellent administrative and clerical staff. As an employment agency, we understand all to well the need for the best talent when it comes to administrative and critical positions. We have experience providing a variety of talent, including, but not limited to; receptionists, administrative assistants, data entry specialists, researchers, book keepers and more. Let XTech help you find the admin personnel your department needs.

Sales and Marketing Recruiters

If higher sales and business growth/expansion is what you’re looking for, then XTech is who you need to be talking to. We provide you with the right talent to directly impact your bottom line and grow your company. XTech’s recruiters and relationship managers understand sales & marketing. They understand the critical importance of closing a deal. With this in mind, our staff will work tirelessly to find you the right individual to sale or market your goods or services. When it comes to a sales or marketing new hire, getting your products or services sold is the bottom line! We’ll provide you with personnel who understand and exemplify this quality.

Professional Recruiting

As one of the top staffing companies in Austin, Texas, our team of recruiters and relationship managers have the right expertise across many different industries, to find you the talent you need. We listen to our customers and learn their unique likes and dislikes. We customize our approach to our customer’s unique needs and situations. Whether your organization is a seasoned fortune 500 company, a well-funded tech venture or a shoestring budget, boot-strapping startup, we can find the talent to fit both your budget and your unique goals.