Relationship Manager

Haide Villarreal joined XTech Staffing in Austin as Relationship Manager. She has over 10 years of experience as a Human Resources Professional focused on Employment. She graduated from Fond Du Lac University.

Prior to XTech Haide was the HR Employment Manager for Macy’s Logistics and Operations. She has successfully reached staffing goals of 5,000 new hires during peak season. She has effectively undertaken two startups exceeding hiring expectations.

She has contributed to various organizations to assist in the development of students in the community. Haide has been part of the Board of Directors James Rumsey MHE program and The Hispanic & Diversity Committee.

Her passion has always been to assist individuals in their career path by presenting the candidates qualification to the client. Haide’s vision is to grow XTech Staffing by providing excellent customer service to our clients by staffing qualified, reliable candidates in a timely manner.