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Get Personal: Create Your Brand in 3 Steps

During an interview, there’s only one question you’re answering: why should we hire you?

Ordinary candidates will elaborately answer by describing their professional experience and prestigious education; however, your interviewer already knows you graduated from the best university and worked at the best company because it’s outlined in your flowery resume that got you and the next five people in the door.



The purpose of a personal brand is to land your dream job by differentiating
yourself from other candidates. Extraordinary candidates will take the
extra step to stand out from other candidates and prove they’re
passionate about their profession. Well, three extra steps to be exact.

Step 1: Define your purpose

Think about your goals, aspirations, and objectives. Whether you’re a marketer or a doctor, your brand should portray you as someone who is passionate about your purpose.

Before getting started, Business Insider recommends you ask yourself three questions:

  • What are you marketing about yourself?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Why are you marketing yourself to your audience?

Step 2: Find inspiration

Now that you know your purpose, the next question you should ask yourself is; how will you actualize your purpose?

Become inspired by successful professionals in your field. Research and find people who are working towards the same purpose you are. More importantly, emulate their successful branding strategies and learn from their failures.

Three tips on how to find inspiration:

  • Follow “gurus” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Read books recommended by influential professionals in your field
  • Join a professional association to network with goal-oriented people

Step 3: Design your plan

You’ve defined your purpose, you’ve found your inspiration, and now it’s time to
design your plan.

Think about where you would like to implement the strategies you learned in Step 2. Determine the online platforms you want to use to connect with your audience and build your brand.

Don’t stop there! If you’re serious about taking the extra step, you need to exude your brand. This means you should think about your non-verbal behaviors and communication skills. If you are knowledgeable about your purpose, your interviewer will certainly notice.

Three tips on designing your plan:

  • Create a personal website to brag about your work
  • Use social media platforms to offer valuable advice
  • Make sure you’ve designed your plan to be consistent with your purpose


By defining your purpose, finding your inspiration, and designing a plan to create your personal brand, you will absolutely stand out and land your dream job.





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