If your team is looking to get a Direct Hire, an Executive Team, or a Permanent Position on your team, Flex-Staffing is perfect for you. This is a fee based service that allows our dedicated team of recruiters to search for the specific talent or candidate needed for for your company or the specific job position. This is a one time setup, so the employee is yours after you decide to hire them. We do offer our XTech Staffing 90-day Guarantee should your new hire not meet your company’s expectations.

Q. What are the benefits of me hiring your company to directly hire an employee for a job position? Why should I spend the money on a job that can be done by my HR department?
A. There are many benefits! Most important of all is the time and headache we will save you and your company by taking on the hiring process. More benefits include: we offer all levels and professions, we have a large pool of highly qualified candidates, we use a specialized recruitment process, all businesses are welcome to hire us, we are locally owned and operated with capacities to work internationally, we have low fees, we are incredibly flexible, and we give a very in-depth screening process to all potential candidates.

Q. What sort of screening do all of the potential employees go through?
A. We give all employees an in-depth interview, a competence test, drug screening if necessary, background searches if needed, and an I9 screening test as well. Whatever screening your company needs we will deliver!

Q. What type of industries do you offer the direct hire positions in?
A. We work with many different types of industries, including; industrial, manufacturing, IT, sales, clerical, and more. We can help fill any permanent position in any industry.

Q. How much will it cost me to hire you?
A. The fees that you are charged will all vary. It depends on the recruitment needs of your company, as well as your budget that you can spend on these needs. There is no set fee, so each job position will be different.

Q. How is it that you find potential candidates?
A. Our recruiting experts will end up launching a full recruiting campaign that is specifically designed just for your organization’s needs. We do this so you will get the very best performer to fill the job position that you have empty. We make sure to work with you to get the full expectations of the job that you need to fill.