Human Resources Outsourcing

With Payroll Staffing, your business recruits the employee but lets us deal with payroll so you can evaluate them before committing them to your payroll. This is the perfect solution for any contracted, seasonal, or temporary employee. Having an employee on your Payroll is a great expense so save yourself the time and the money by choosing XTechs’ Flex Payroll Services!

How much will it cost if I hire XTech to outsource our payroll?
A. There are so many factors that go into using this service, so our prices vary.  But we have very competitive pricing in the market and we can work with your company on budget.

What kind of services does Flex Payroll provide to our company?
A. Our services cover all new employee processing; workers comp, unemployment insurance, payroll and payroll taxes, tax deposits, unemployment claims, year-end W2’s, and any other employer burdens associated with hiring a new employee.

What are the benefits to using your Flex Payroll Service?
A. There are so many benefits to using this service! Your company will save priceless time and costs on on-boarding, no need to stay up to date with federal or state requirements for payroll employees, reduction in weekly payroll processing time, avoid technology headaches, leverage outside payroll expertise, reduce or eliminate record-keeping, and reimbursements and other payroll processes are simplified.

Do I need to wait until the end of a quarter or the beginning of the year to start?
A. Not at all! We can start implementing these services right away.