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Field Service Engineer

Increase your workforce without the added overhead!

Is your business spending countless hours trying to recruit, evaluate, screen and interview candidates for open positions? If so, there’s a cost effective option through XTech’s Flex Labor™ Services.

You can move those on-boarding hassles to our experienced staff. We’ve been providing corporations these short-term resources for more than 7 years. We can provide your company the flexibility it needs where workload and other considerations fluctuate.

We get you fast access to the best market-ready talent and place the most qualified candidates in your positions within the shortest amount of time. Our staffing experts provide qualified resources as carefully as if the candidates hired where for long term needs.

With XTech Staffing, your business gets flexibility and a consistent workforce that can supplement short to long-term staffing needs. Our reputation for quality service allows us to attract and retain a high caliber of staffing employees. Our services exceed expectations and the talent provided succeeds in the business environments they’re placed.

Our candidates undergo a rigorous vetting process, with in-depth interviews, testing, and personality profiling to ensure they have the right capabilities and work habits to match your company culture. We pass all of our candidates through a skills assessment process to ensure they have the drive and capabilities to meet your company’s needs. We give you great employees that you have the opportunity to observe, and determine their compatibility with the company culture. Once they’ve met the agreed time frame you may choose to hire your well tested employee.

Other Value Added Aspects

  • Detailed interview and basic background checks specific to the role prior to submission
  • Detailed and accurate job descriptions
  • Coaching and counseling services for any candidate performance issues while on assignment
  • Exit interviews for contract employees and quality surveys to promote open communication
  • Hourly labor, short to long-term projects
  • Projects, ramp periods, production runs, or simply growth…
  • Option to onboard resource after an evaluation period
  • Competitive hourly bill rates