XTech Staffing Field Service Max Engineer

XTech Staffing will hire temporary or contracted employees for projects for businesses. This makes it quick for a company to bring new employees in without having to hire them. Here are many FAQs about our temporary or contracted employee services.

Q. How much will it cost my company to hire your staffing agency?
A. The cost to you will vary based on several factors. The bottom line though is we are committed to providing quality employees to your company at a competitive price.

Q. What is the process XTech uses to finding quality candidates?
A. Our search and recruitment efforts begin immediately from the moment you contact us. We begin by spending adequate time to make sure we clearly understand the details of the position and your expectations for the professional joining your team. This will enable us to send the most qualified candidates to you for consideration and make sure that we are able to meet your important deadlines.

Q. How long have you been providing these services to companies?
A. We have been in business providing these types of services for seven years now. We have years of experience and dedication to working with companies and providing all the flexibility they need.

Q. How is it that you find the qualified candidates to fill the positions that my company will need?
A. We have access to the largest selection of ready-to-hire employees that have all the talent you are looking for. We can quickly place these candidates in the positions that you need filled. Our enthusiastic team of staffing experts will provide all of the qualified resources for candidates that are hired for long-term situations.

Q. What exactly does this service give my company, why should I hire you?
A. Most importantly, we maintain the hiring risk instead of you. We ensure and guarantee that you have the quality employee you want working for your company. Our quality of applicants, impressive list of clients, and successes to date throughout the past 7 years will provide you with the confidence you need to trust our team of recruiters with your hiring needs. We also have a workforce that is supplied with qualified, talented candidates for your convenience.

Q. What do you require your candidates to do before you select them for certain open positions?
A. We make sure to thoroughly check into our candidates with a complete vetting process. That includes an interview with us, testing, personality profiling, and they must turn in a CV or resume to us before they can go any further. We only want the most qualified people working on these projects, and so you will only get the best.

Q. How will I know that the candidate hired knows exactly what the job entails?
A. We give our potential candidates the details in the job description, which is another aspect of the hiring process we can take on. We make sure that all of your positions are filled with talented candidates who are not going to be surprised with any aspect of the job.

Q. Do you also coach the candidates prior to hiring or after hiring?
A. If a candidate happens to have trouble on the job, we can provide some coaching to make sure they are better able to handle the job.