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Find Out the Hidden Company Culture

People often underestimate the value of company culture and don’t consider it carefully enough before they accept the job offer. If you want to be satisfied with your job, you need to look beyond the salary offered and look at the workplace environment, employer nature and attitude, and the overall company culture. Make sure the company culture is the best fit for you before you sign on the dotted line of your employment contract. Here’s what you should consider:

What Matters to You?

Different people have different expectations from their jobs, which is why it’s important to consider what matters to you carefully. Look at the list below and determine how much you need that particular characteristic to attain job satisfaction.

  • Telecommuting– If you want to work from home or cafes once in a while instead of being confined to the office space, you might want to rank this high on your list.
  • Workspace environment and design– If you prefer open floor designs or consider them to be a distraction, you should consider the environment and design carefully.
  • Competition– If you thrive on competition, you’ll prefer a competitive workplace. But if you prefer to work without the pressures of competition, you need to find a work culture that’s casual and friendly.
  • Teamwork– Some people work better in teams while others work better alone. Consider how important teamwork is in this workplace environment before you accept the job offer.
  • Professional Development– Does professional growth matter to you or do you value other points mentioned on this list more? Would you like to work under mentors and experienced people or find your own way?
  • Defined career paths– Some people place more value on their career advancement than others. This is also an important factor to consider if you intend to change your job in the future and want to use the current one to gain more experience.
  • Employee interaction-If the employee interaction is strained and formal, you won’t be very comfortable in the new workplace.


Once you determine what really matters to you, research the company. You can find a lot of information through different sources like:

  • Company Website – The company website won’t tell you much, but it will give you a fair idea of what you can expect. Look at the design, branding, and content of the website to determine the company culture.
  • Social Media – Most companies will have an active social media presence so look at their business profiles. You might also like to look at the profiles of company executives.
  • Reviews on Websites – Job search websites and other such platforms will have reviews and testimonials regarding companies. You can read them to determine the company culture.
  • Employees – The best way to understand it is to converse with the employees and ask questions about company culture relevant to you.

If your personal values and concerns align with the company culture, you’ll experience better job satisfaction and will be happier with your profession. You’ll also experience less stress and anxiety if you’re in a supportive environment and are with like-minded people.


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