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XTech Staffing Agency in Dallas, Texas works with local, national, and international companies to help build their dream team without hassles. At XTech, we are a full service staffing and temp agency with 7+ years of successfully connecting companies to premium talent. Our unique services, combined with a no-nonsense way to help our clients achieve their goals, takes the pain out of hiring and job seeking.

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XTech Staffing Agency in Dallas, Texas, where we also work with Job Seekers…

XTech Staffing will help you, the Job Seeker, to find placement in Dallas and beyond. We can work virtually with job seekers, which means we aren’t restricted by your location. Our Staffing Company in Dallas can cut through all the red tape that comes with the job searching process. All you do is submit your resume to XTech through our website and wait to be placed in the right field or position. In the meantime though, stay connected with XTech through our social media and visit our News tab to read free articles packed with incredible career advice and tips.

Here’s how XTech Staffing helps employers…

XTech is one of the top staffing agencies in Dallas, TX and we are recognized for building dream teams without the hassles. We on-board talent and our passionate Recruiting Team provides organizations and companies with custom-tailored solutions to provide the absolute best in flexible labor programs.

Whether your company is looking to hire permanent placement or direct hiring, XTech will produce results much quicker than advertising through other channels. At our staffing agency in Dallas, Texas, we offer three programs to uniquely tailor your business’s staffing needs.

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Flex-Labor Program™

The Flex-Labor Program™, provides to employers Temp Services in Dallas candidates for Temporary Staffing, Contract Placement, or Temp-to-Hire for both short and long-term projects. Our Dallas Staffing Agency provides the same skilled resources as when hiring candidates for long-term needs.

Flex-Staffing Program™

Our Flex-Staffing Program™ is XTech’s fee-based service that will handle your company’s Direct Hire/Placement and Executive Recruitment from our pool of talented applicants. Your company will work with our Staffing Agency in Dallas to ensure the perfect candidate is hired. Our Recruiting Team will launch a comprehensive recruiting campaign that is tailored to your business’s needs.

Flex-Payroll Program™

We also offer employers an exclusive Flex-Payroll Program™, which includes services that can outsource HR and covers all your new employee processing (unemployment insurance, year-end W2’s, payroll, and more) to aide your company in decreasing many administrative burdens.

As one of the most respected and trusted Staffing and Temp Agencies in Dallas, TX, our team of Relationship Managers and Recruiters have experience across many industries and will find your company the talent it requires.

We Work With Industries Such As:

Admin and Clerical

Admin and Clerical

The Recruiting Team at XTech Staffing Agency in Dallas, Texas has years of experience providing a variety of admin and clerical talent. We have filled roles such as data-entry specialists, researchers, receptionists, administrative assistants, bookkeepers and so much more. Let our Recruiting Experts and Employment Agency in Dallas locate the admin personnel your company needs.



Service engineers, technical support staff, and professional engineers, any engineer your company needs, XTech Staffing Agency in Dallas, Texas will connect you with outstanding engineers. Our enthusiastic Recruiters understand engineering needs and will provide the candidate needed to produce great results.

Light Industrial

Light Industrial

XTech is one of the top employment agencies in Dallas, Texas, which proves the capacity we have to provide your company with applicants that will make, move, and maintain your operations, no scenario is too unusual for our Recruiting Team. At our Staffing Agency in Dallas, we will provide any personnel needed to keep your operations on track; packagers, factory help, forklift drivers, assemblers, stockers, whatever your company may need. Whether it’s supplementing continuing operations for a seasonal peak demand, or just adding to your team, our well-known staffing and temp agency in Dallas can assist.



XTech has several years of experience in connecting companies with a range of manufacturing candidates, from general laborers to extremely skilled tradesmen and everything in-between. At our Dallas Staffing Agency we can ensure that your company will not only have qualified talent, but that you have the right talent. At times there needs to be more spent on top talent, and other times you may need to pay less to meet the budgetary constraints. Our Recruiters understand this and will provide your company the perfect balance of skill to cost.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Our staffing agency in Dallas, Texas recognizes and understands the importance of closing a deal. With this in mind, our Recruiting Team in Texas will work hard to source your company the perfect candidate to sale and market your goods and services.

Technology and IT

Technology and IT

In this industry, candidates must be up to date with all the new technology and software platforms in the marketplace. At XTech Staffing Agency, we do plenty of IT staffing in Dallas so you can be sure we will find the best candidates for your company. Our Recruiting Team knows that in this industry, the right employee makes a huge the difference in accomplishing your organization’s goals. Be it software programming for application development or desktop support, XTech is one of best Staffing and Employment Agencies in Dallas, TX to find quality talent.

And Everything Else!

And Everything Else!

XTech Staffing Agency in Dallas has a dedicated team of Recruiters and Relationship Managers with expertise ranging across a variety of different industries. What this means for your business is that we can ensure we can find you the talent and people your business needs and wants. We listen to our clients and we know their unique likes and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Employer FAQs:

Q. How much will it cost to hire XTech Staffing?
A. The fees vary. It really depends on the recruitment needs of your company, and also the budget that you can spend on these needs. There is no set fee, each job position will be different.

Q. What are the benefits of me working with your company? Why should I spend the money on a job that can be done by our HR department?
A. There are so many benefits but just to name a couple: we staff all levels and professions, we have a massive pool of well-qualified candidates, and we have a unique (and successful!) recruitment process. In addition, all companies are welcome to hire us, we are locally owned and operated with the capacity to work and recruit internationally, we have low fees, we’re very flexible, AND we conduct a very in-depth screening process to potential candidates.

Q. How is it that you find so many potential candidates?
A. Our recruiting experts launch a full-recruiting campaign that is specifically designed for your organization’s needs. This guarantees your company will receive the very best candidate to fill the position. We work with you to get the full expectations of the position that you need filled.

Common Job Seeker FAQs:

Q. Do I have to pay a fee to use XTech Staffing?
A. Never, there is never a fee for potential candidates.

Q. Can I submit my resume or do I only apply for specific job positions?
A. Both. You’re invited to submit your resume through our website if you can’t find a job that you’d like to apply for.

Q. What types of jobs do you offer?
A. We are constantly adding new positions to our listings in industries such as, and not limited to: IT, engineering, light industrial, clerical, manufacturing, and sales.

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