You Hate Them and You Work With Them: 7 Co-Workers We All Have

Regardless of whether you work in a large high-rise corporate building, or in a small office with 20 people, there are at least seven types of co-workers every office has: The Critic, The Needy One, The Narcissist, The Jester, The Gossiper, The Do-Nothinger, and The Do-Everythinger.

Here's What's Wrong With Your Company Culture

We can all relate to working with crazy office peeps at one point or another, but there are some personas that ...

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Broke From the Holidays? Here are 10 Seasonal Jobs to Fix It!

The Holidays are coming up and it’s time to rush-ship those presents that you told everyone was delayed, or the classic “It’s on its way (but I secretly didn’t get you anything).”

I think we’ve all done that at one point or another.

Maybe you already received your ordered gifts and have them wrapped and ready for distribution, or maybe I just reminded you to start ...

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6 Management Solutions to Increase Employee Productivity

There’s a part of us that wants to be the best boss in the world. We want employees to love and respect us, we want employees to stay with the company forever, and we want to proudly drink from out “Best Boss” mug, knowing the mug is an understatement.

Michael Scott from The Office holding his mug that says World's Best Boss

When you picture a great boss, a great ...

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6 Jobs That Will Replace You with Robots

Do you recall the movie, “I, Robot” ? You know, the movie where the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (a.k.a. Will Smith, if you’re Patrick Star and live under a rock) lives on futuristic Earth and everything is automated by AI robots.

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Here’s What’s Wrong with Your Company Culture

Recall the worst company you’ve ever worked for. Recall the experiences and feeling of frustration. Maybe you have a job you love at a company you love, but we all recall the worst experiences on occasion.

I vividly remember working for companies and managers that weren’t so great, especially in the retail industry. My retail experience was something like this…


It’s safe to say that most people hate ...

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You Just Got a Job Offer, Now What?

It happened! You just received a job offer! Congrats! Now, you might think the first things to do are to call your mom and dad and then your best friend to make some celebration plans.

After toasting to your recent success, you might wonder what you should be doing next. Before signing that job offer or giving a verbal commitment, there are a few steps to take if you want to set yourself up for success.  ...

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These Awesome Job Benefits Will Make You Jealous!

Over the past few years there has been a shift in the job marketplace. Rising competition for top talent has led to a battle of benefits among top companies. In light of recent Glassdoor research, improving benefits seems as good as a strategy as any to attract the skilled tech workers so high in demand.

We all know the common benefits like health insurance or paid time off that are desired in ...

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Choosing the Right Job [INFOGRAPHIC]

So many people look at a job and a career as the same thing, but they are definitely not. A job is where you work. For example, you would say, “I work at Facebook.”  But a career is your profession, so you would say instead, “I am an engineer.”

Chances are, you won’t have your “dream job” right away because you’re probably thinking that a “dream job” is one that brings you tons ...

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Making the Most Out of Meetings [INFOGRAPHIC]

Meetings can be such huge time suckers!

Often times, companies waste valuable money and time running business meetings without a purpose or don’t produce results.  Eventually, employees will begin to loathe attending these meetings.

But, meetings don’t have to be that way. They can be a great way to get your team or office on the same page, facilitate and foster ideas, create a platform for bringing up issues or ...

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30 Networking Tips in 140 Characters or Less

So many people look at networking as intimidating and scary. It can be, but it can also be the best tool to use to boost your professional career.  Networking doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, networking should be a thrill since it is a key in making your professional dreams a reality.

Make more connections. Improve your chances of success. Get your networking game on-point, and do it with these thirty tips ...

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