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A Brief History of the Job Search [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic lays out a brief history about jobs and job searches. The evolution of the job search has changed drastically in the past 100 years.

history of the job searchIn the 1920’s, most applicants went business-to-business to personally hand in letters of applications. Back then education wasn’t a big factor in the selection process.

By the 1940’s, Bloomingdale’s becomes the first business to begin using aptitude tests. They discover that these tests provide better insight into a potential candidate.

The popularity of obtaining a college degree is taking off in the 1950’s. Which is when we see a big shift from America having mostly manual workers to having mostly knowledge workers.

In the 1960’s the word “resume” was first mentioned in the New York Times!

By the 1970’s, almost all jobs have a high school degree requirement. Then, a college education meant, to employers, that you had ambition.

The 1980’s produce a huge shift in the job search. Companies begin flying in candidates for interviews and cover letters become more important than resumes!

With the first online job board in 1992, the job search takes a dramatic new turn. This is the time where every household is purchasing their first computer and getting connected online. The popularity of job boards soars as the Hidden Job Market shrinks. This decade also sees the mass-introduction of recruiters filtering candidates through applicant tracking systems (ATS).

LinkedIn and Indeed are created in the early 2000’s providing a whole new platform and method of recruiting and job searching. Applicant tracking systems become more and more popular, creating a trend of ATS-friendly resumes.

Last year, 40-45% of hired candidates applied to those jobs through online channels, and with more new technology for job seekers coming out every week, it’s only bound to keep growing! Today, the Hidden Job Market is gone, which is great news for you, the job seeker!

Over the years, the growth of technology has changed many aspects of the job search. If you want to get a job or change careers, you need to use tools and resume  guidance to guarantee your approach is sound. Check out some of our other blog articles to make sure your job search and tools are up-to-date!

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