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6 Jobs That Will Replace You with Robots

Do you recall the movie, “I, Robot” ? You know, the movie where the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (a.k.a. Will Smith, if you’re Patrick Star and live under a rock) lives on futuristic Earth and everything is automated by AI robots.

musical-notescue theme songmusical-notes

In future New York, born and raised

At the office was where I spent most of my days

Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool

And shootin’ some robots during carpool

When a couple of ‘bots who were up to no good

Started making trouble in my neighborhood

I got in one little fight and my boss got scared

He said, “You better like the robots if you want to be spared.”

musical-notesend theme songmusical-notes

I may be beating a dead horse, but that future is here – which makes it the present (question mark thinking-face). Machines are replacing workers in many industries as technology advances and automation becomes a greater norm for daily activities.

Is your job safe? Are you going to be replaced by Sonny, the robot? irobot-sonny-winks

Let’s find out…

Here are five jobs that will be taken over by Sonny and his robot pals:

1.) Pharmacists

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center launched an automated, robotics-controlled pharmacy at two UCSF hospitals.

The robots electronically receive medication orders from physicians and pharmacists, then they chose the matching pills, package, and dispense individual doses. The robots are able to assemble doses because the medications are bar-coded.

The robots have assembled about 350,000 prescriptions without errors.

Bedside robots are following the success of pharmacy robots. UCSF Medical Center nurses will begin placing barcodes at patients’ beds for robots to scan and verify correct dosages for patients; this system will also prepare chemotherapy and non-chemotherapy doses, and medicate IV syringes and bags.

2.) Lawyers and Paralegals

The New York Times reported that Blackstone Discovery of Palo Alto, CA developed software that analyzed 1.5 million documents for less than $100,000. This software is more efficient and less costly than lawyers and paralegals that take longer to review documents and cost more money.

My best friend’s mother is a paralegal… I should probably give her a heads-up.worried-face

3.) Drivers

Okay. We all saw this one coming anyways. I mean, self-driving cars have always been a thing in the movies, so it wasn’t a surprise when companies and labs started developing them.

Here’s a mini list of some movies that had self-driving cars:

-Minority Report

-Total Recall


-I, Robot (in case you didn’t guess that already)

-Demolition Man

-The Fifth Element

-Enders game


Google and Uber have heavily invested in self-driving cars to increase safety and reduce commute time. Google’s prototypes have driven about 1,000 miles without human assistance and 140,000 with some help from the human passenger that hopefully got paid decent money for sitting in that car. I mean, I can barely sit through a two hour “road trip.”

4.) Astronauts

Spacemen, which is what I call them, are predicted to be completely replaced by robots. NASA partnered with General Motors (GM) and developed Robonaut2; Robonaut2 is equipped with sensors and five-fingered hands to perform labor work, such as cleaning and minor space operations. Robonaut2, or another model, will do advanced jobs in the future, such as repair ships, repair equipment outside of the station, and even do scientific work. So we’ll basically have a bunch of Wall-Es running around.

Wouldn’t that be “totes presh?” wall-e3

5.) Store Clerks

Remember when I complained about working retail jobs in my last post? (You can read it here [Here is What’s Wrong with Your Company Culture] if you need to catch up on my awesomeness.)

Well, it looks like retail job availability will remain the same or decrease as machines advance. For example, ATM machines reduced the need for bank tellers, and self-checkout machines reduced need for cashiers. Can you imagine having a robot check out your items? That’s pretty chill.

6.) Babysitters

This is kind of something that was also projected in movies – a robot babysitter. Robo sitter. There are a few robot models that were made to assist in babysitting, such as the PaPeRo robot. PaPeRo tells jokes, gives quizzes, and tracks kids using a radio-frequency identification chip. Aeon Co., which is a Japanese retailer, produced a robot that babysits children while their parents shop.


Would you leave your kids with a robot? I think I would… “Hey [insert unique child name], play with your robot friend while Mommy goes to happy hour.”

While there are other industries and jobs that are jeopardized by automated systems and robots, these jobs are predicted to be overturned by robots in the nearer future.

How do you feel about the robotic world? It will likely simplify things and increase productivity across all industries, but will you pull a Will Smith and resist the movement? Viva la manual labor!

If you are in one of these professions, then go ahead and look through our job postings here. Or you could always study-up and learn how to build robots. That would be one hell of an investment.

I think my job is safe for now… unless they make a robot funnier than me, but those are some big shoes to fill…



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