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5 Steps to Become Your Boss’s Favorite Employee

You probably work hard daily because you love your job, but sometimes managers don’t notice their hardest-working employee. Something that every manager has, though, is a favorite employee.

No, not every manager openly shows favoritism, but it’s tough on teams when they do, especially when it’s not you. So how do you become the favorite?

Here are five steps to moving up the favoritism ladder…

1. Keep on Working Hard

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You’re probably already a hard-worker so there’s no reason to stop; you’re improving the company and improving yourself by working hard. Take notes and maintain a list of everything you do, such as projects and side tasks, to give to your boss for performance evaluations. You can also use these notes to update your resume, which may be useful for number six on the list.

2. Continue to Be Positive

No one likes a Debbie-downer, so your boss probably wouldn’t appreciate pessimism either. Each day is a new day, so if you’re not the favorite employee then take note of the other positive aspects of your job.

3. Get Feedback

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Be sure to get feedback from your boss and make any improvements that the feedback may suggest. Make sure that your discussion with your boss is conductive- tell them what your short and long-term goals are and ask for suggestions on how to get there.

4. Don’t be Overbearing

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It’s important to remember that you should be doing it to improve yourself and the company, not because you want praise. You should work hard but be modest and enjoy the praise when it is given, not because you pretty much asked for it.

5. Work on the Relationship

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Tie together the aforementioned things to build your relationship with your boss. Work hard, be positive, get feedback and use it, don’t ask for praise. It may also help to remember your boss’s birthday. Be sure to get them a cake with their face on it.

What if it Doesn’t Work? Move On if it Affects You

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No one should judge employees on their reasons for leaving because everyone works differently and has different expectations in their jobs. If favoritism is affecting your stress-level and your output, then you may consider leaving. But keep in mind that not being the favorite doesn’t mean your boss dislikes you either.

You should take time to assess how high up the favoritism ladder you’d like to be- maybe you care less than you thought. Leaving a job is not a light matter, so give the five steps a try and then consider leaving if it’s negatively affecting you and your work.

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