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5 Signs You Need Your Own Business

Are you sitting in your cubicle and wondering why all the sheep are working for this corporation? Are you wondering why you’re in the flock with them?

Another day, another spreadsheet to fill out. Meanwhile, you have no idea how your job even contributes to anything.

You go home and start painting, cooking, or performing whatever your hobby is. You start to think that this is what you’re meant to do. So then you Google how to start a business and all it entails. Is it time for you to dip-out and start a business of your own?

Jayson Demers said it best, “there is never a perfect time to start a business. No matter how long you wait, you’ll never be experienced enough, you’ll never have enough capital, and you’ll never have zero-risk. There’s always a chance that your business will fail, but there’s also always a chance that it will succeed.”

You don’t need to be a business pro right-off-the-back, but you need to be willing to learn to become one. And if you’re truly passionate about your business idea, then you have a strong chance of success.

1. You’re passionate about your business idea

woman painting the landscapeMost people have hobbies unrelated to the work they do, and it’s often confused with passion. There are hobbies you do to blow off steam and hobbies you’re passionate about – make sure you’re pursuing something you’re passionate about. The difference between starting a business because you’re tired of your boss and starting a business because you’re passionate about something is that only one of those businesses will succeed.

2. Your Career Looks Like a Black Hole

Every job has positive and negative points, and some jobs have more negatives than positives. But you should assess what your long-term goals are. Is the job you’re doing going to lead you where you want? Does your job fall within your career path?

If you don’t see a future in your industry, then you’re probably looking down a black hole, and you’re just going to get sucked in.

3. Your Passion is Rejection-Resistant

People hear more no’s than yes’s, especially if you’re proposing a business idea. The difference between whether or not you should start a business is if those no’s stop you in your tracks.

4. You’re Aware of the Risks

As Tarek, from Flip or Flop, always says, “with high risk comes high reward.” Business ownership is no small task, and it requires a lot of investment from you and the people you bring into it. You should plan out your finances, goals, and assess whether you can afford the risks if they occur.

5. You have a great support system

Family - Support System

Business ownership is risky, which is why you’re already ahead of the game if you have a strong support system. You need someone, or someones, who believe in your idea as much as you do, and they should support you emotionally and financially. You’ll need both types of support for the first couple of years until things get kicking.


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