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5 Podcast Episodes to Increase Motivation and Productivity

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. And if you’re anything like me, then a nap sounds most appealing whenever you have too much work to do. What’s even worse is going into work knowing that it’s going to be a stressful day, so I’ve accumulated a list of podcast episodes to listen to on your way to work, during work, and after work. I seriously recommend that you replace your music playlist with a podcast playlist for your drives- you learn so much and you can be a know-it-all like me.

Check out the five podcast episodes that will increase your motivation to work and your overall productivity.

1. TED Talks: “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator”

We all procrastinate in one way, but most of us, such as myself, procrastinate in every way. Procrastination isn’t just a habit; it’s engrained into us. So how do you decode the part of your brain that’s telling you to put off that major project or report?

Find out from Tim Urban’s, creator of “of Wait But Why,” podcast, “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator.” Urban used his inability to focus as a research topic, so he explored the brain of a procrastinator and discusses what he learned and what we can learn about ourselves.

2. Awareness and Consciousness: “Not Good Enough”

Gary increases productivity by giving people insight on happiness and states-of-mind. This podcast can change your overall outlook on your life and goal, and makes it easier to be happier. Remember, people are most productive when they’re happy, hence why it’s important for employers to make sure employees are happy.

3. TED Talks: “How Too Many Rules at Work Keep You From Getting Things Done by Yves Morieux”


Yves Morieux is a business consultant who discovered the reasons that global productivity has decreased since the 1950s. Morieux states that businesses have too many systems that lead to a slower work-pace and wasting time on things that don’t matter.

Watch, or listen, to his podcast, “How Too Many Rules at Work Keep You From Getting Things Done,” to find out how cooperation can fix the global productivity issue.

4. School of Greatness: “Transform Resistance Into Freedom & Success with Chris Lee”

Former professional athlete Lewis Howes is the epitome of being at the top and hitting rock-bottom. Howes’s injury ruined his career and left him broke, so he turned to his other interests: marketing and business. Howes now hosts a podcast where he interviews great minds and assesses how to be more successful in life.

“Transform Resistance Into Freedom & Success with Chris Lee” is an episode where Lewis Howes interviews, you guessed it, Chris less. Chris Lee is the author of “Transform Your Life” and he discusses the types of resistance and when it is good or bad to resist. This episode will provide a lot of insight into how you work and how you manage your relationships.

5. The Power of Mortality: “Life Is Too Short”

“Life is Too Short” is an episode from The Power of Mortality podcast, which is hosted by Patrick Mathieu. Mathieu is a professional speaker and he discusses happiness and when it’s worth it to be angry or frustrated, because life is too short. This episode, like Awareness and Consciousness, is about transforming your external environment into a happy one by changing your perspective.


So when you’re down and out, just listen to a podcast to remind yourself how awesome you are. After all, listening to a complete stranger tell you how to live your life is like free therapy…




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