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4 Simple Ways to Organize Your Resume

4 Simple and Quick Ways to Organize Your Resume Sections to Reflect Who You are and Where You are Going

By – Caitlin Johnson

You’ve fine-tuned your skills and proofread your resume more than a dozen times. Feel like you’re finally ready to send it into the hands of hiring managers and recruiters?

Well, there’s just one more step, you need to put all those sections in order!!

  1. Standard Resume

    • Summary Statement (optional)
    • Experience
    • Community Involvement or Professional Organizations (optional)
    • Education
    • Skills and Certifications

This is the most basic (and most common!) way to organize your resume. If you have a variety of relevant experiences a summary statement would be a great idea to tie it all together!

The best reason for ordering your sections this way is everything is where a recruiter or hiring manager expects to see it, AKA, it’s going to be easier to find and skim your experience and qualifications.

  1. Recent College Graduations

    • Education
    • Experience
    • Leadership
    • Awards and Activities (optional)
    • Skills

“Entry-level” jobs these days require 2-3 years experience; every recent grad is familiar with that headache. But there are also many opportunities specifically targeting recent grads. This method of ordering your resume sections is perfect for those opportunities. Keeping your education at the top signals to recruiters that you are new to full-time employment.

With the above in mind, don’t sell yourself short by leaving out all your extracurricular activities in college. A leadership or active role in a college organization has loads of transferable skills, so make sure to highlight them in a separate section.

  1. Career Changers

    • Objective (optional)
    • Relevant Experience (label this section as “Sales Experience,” “Marketing Experience,” or whatever is going to work for this new field)
    • Additional Experience
    • Professional Organizations and Community Involvement (optional)
    • Education
    • Skills and Certifications (decision to move up)

Changing careers is incredibly challenging but not impossible. Showing how your experience is relevant and transferable to a new field is probably one of the trickiest things to put in a resume!

Writing an objective would be the perfect place to explain your career change and the strengths you would be bringing to your new field. Also, splitting your experience into “relevant” and “additional” can serve to highlight the specifics.

Finally, if you have limited relevant experience, spell out your skills and certifications in a section about your experience. That will drive home your qualifications for a new field.

  1. Senior-Level Job Seekers

    • Summary Statement
    • Experience
    • Professional Organizations and Community Involvement (optional)
    • Education
    • Skills and Certifications

Yes, a senior-level resume is very similar to a standard resume; your eyes are not fooling you! But just because you’re at a more senior-level doesn’t mean you can get away with a long-winded resume. No matter your level or field, organizing your resume so it’s easy to skim is always important.

The differences between the senior-level resume and a standard resume lay in the length. At this level, you are good-to-go in submitting a two-page resume. Which is necessary for all of your experience and this is why a summary statement at the top is necessary and non-negotiable. And thanks to The Muse for the inspiration to this article.

You don’t have to deviate from what’s expected and standard in resume organization but you do want to personalize it to fit your experience and past. Give one of these layouts a spin and see how it fits!

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