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3 Jobs for the Career-Changer (And You Can Keep Your Money)

The further you are down a career path, the harder it is to change. People rarely made career changes decades ago, but it’s become commonplace now. Most people nowadays change their career at least once somewhere down the line, and it’s often a necessity to keep up with market trends and staying relevant. If you’re looking for a new view but don’t want to sacrifice too much pay or spend the next decade in school, then check out these jobs.

1. Analyst


The analyst career field is rapidly growing and the pay is pretty solid. It’s not a new field per se, but a field that is finally starting to get recognition. The best part is that you could be an analyst in your industry or in a similar field to your one- if you want that. Analysts range from Marketing Research Analyst to Financial Analyst to Management Analyst.

Average annual salary: $80,310

2. Data Scientist

Data Scientist

The title sounds complicated, but it’s also as broad as an analyst. Like analysts, data scientists have different categories: data engineering, data research, data visualization, etc. Data scientist is almost unmarked territory for companies, so getting your foot in the door is easier now than it would be in a few years. You’ll likely need to a few extra classes to learn the necessary skills.

Average annual salary: $124,149

3. Human Resources (HR) Manager

HR Manager

An HR Manager plans, directs, and coordinates HR activities and manages the staff of an organization. A lot of HR Managers have HR and admin experience under their belt, but you can jump ahead of the game by getting some HR certifications online.

Average annual salary: $101,200

4. Fundraiser

Fundraiser Career Path

If you’re passionate about an organization or a cause, then you’d probably be an excellent fundraiser. Fundraisers generally spend a large amount of their time persuading people to donate money to their organization.

Being a fundraiser doesn’t require additional education or classes. You’ve probably fundraised before, like when you had to sell coupon books for your elementary school or if you’ve ever started a GoFundMe page. Even just recruiting someone for a team project or to join your company is similar to fundraising. The best way to be a successful fundraiser is to work for an organization you’re passionate about.

Average annual salary: $49,698


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