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10 Ways You’re Being a Terrible Employee

Are you the problem worker in your office? Do you feel that you’re not doing a good job? Then it might be time to take some time to consider why and take steps to change.
You might be guilty of a few things on this list but that doesn’t automatically mean you’re a terrible employee. You could be a bad fit for the company culture and just might have a disposition that doesn’t mesh well with your boss’ style. You could even just be in the wrong industry.

But to be a great employee it means doing more than just great work. You need to build great relationships, take initiative, and be invested in the company’s success.

You’re All About Gossip

xtech staffing Office Workers GossipingEvery workplace has rumors and gossip but the good employees ignore it. The terrible employees are the ones looking for any opportunity to talk about company problems and other coworkers, to rumors of layoffs, mergers, or people about to get fired.


You Are Never on Time

Late for work, late for meetings, late for EVERYTHING. Many people would consider lateness as the peak for bad manners, and they’re not wrong. Being late says to everyone else, “my time is more important than yours.” Even if you’re bad with time management, there’s no excuse to consistently arriving late. Do everything in your power to be on time, nothing says “terrible” employee like one who isn’t even around.

You Won’t Work on Tasks Beyond Your Job Description

You’ve probably heard co-workers say something like, “That’s not my job, why should I?” But in the workplace these days, sometimes you very well may be asked to do a task that is outside of your description. Everyone deals with curveballs, though doing your part and chipping in is a great way to become valued in the office. If things do get ridiculous, then you still have a right to say something. You shouldn’t be doing the job of multiple employees, but show some commitment before raising concern.

You Slack Off Too Much

xtech staffingIn this day and age, distractions are everywhere. Working on the computer, like most of us do, and with the Internet right there, it’s pretty tempting to spend a few minutes reading headlines or checking twitter. But before you know it, those few minutes have turned into an hour! Since you are receiving money for work done for your employer during this time, this is considered stealing.

You’re Constantly Complaining

We all have our gripes about work, but there is a massive difference between the occasional issue brought up to your boss and whining at every moment. If you have complaints or issues, see what you can do to solve them. If it’s with a co-worker, talk it out with them. And if it’s about scheduling or equipment, find and bring solutions to the table! Just don’t be that “employee,” the one that everyone avoids talking to because of their constant stream of negativity.

You’re Making the Same Mistakes

Making mistakes is part of being human and the occasional error is usually not a cause for concern. However, if you’re always doing revisions on your work or your supervisor receives constant complaints about the quality of your work, then you need to get your act together stat.

Your Favorite Thing to do is Play the Blame Game

Finger-pointing and placing blame on others is very immature in the workplace and it never fails to cause headaches. If you’re one of the first people to usually place blame on others, then you are not being a team player in any sense. Maybe you know who messed up, but maybe you should talk to that co-worker and see what happened first. If you made a mistake, own up to it right away. If someone else made a mistake, let him or her own up to it. You don’t want your co-workers to see you as a rat.

You Take Credit for Others’ Work

A sure-fire morale killer- taking all the glory for a project that isn’t yours definitely makes you a terrible employee. Businesses work on the idea that it’s a team environment, and each person does their part to make the whole business successful. Taking all the credit for the hard work creates an atmosphere of distrust and negativity where coworkers will be less likely to share with you, communication breaks down, and the entire department will become tough to work for. If you are accidently given undue credit, step up and tell your supervisor who actually did the heavy lifting.

You’re Taking Too Many Sick Days

Fired from work xtech staffingWhat’s worse than coming in to work sick is calling in to work to enjoy a day off. Sick days are there for a reason and the company is giving you paid time off to feel better or heal. Abusing this courtesy is not fair to anyone in the office. If you need a personal day, use one of your vacation days.

You’re Not Proactive

So good employees all share one common attribute: they take initiative. Good employees solve the problems without being asked and they also initiate new projects that benefit the company. Terrible employees wait for an order and do nothing while waiting. Don’t sit around waiting to be asked for help; be the go-getter and create opportunities!

Does this remind you of any co-workers or employees? Or even worse, does this sound like you?

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