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10 Ways to be Happier at Work [As Told by Grumpy Cat]

Work is stressful for most people, and sometimes you may feel more down-in-the-dumps than usual. If you can’t pin-point why you’re feeling stressed or depressed at work, then try the following ten steps to increase your job satisfaction, productivty, and keep you from throwing in the towel.

1. Play a game for quick brain breaks

Sitting through an eight to ten-hour workday would be difficult without some form of break or distraction. We all get distracted, so take advantage of it by doing something you enjoy to give your brain a break. Bringing a mini puzzle to work or a Rubix cube will relieve some stress and give you the mental boost you need to finish out your workday strong.

2. Listen to an upbeat playlist

grumpy cat likes silence

It’s important to be able to listen to music you enjoy while working. Listening to music actually increases productivity and improves employee perception of their workplace.

Does listening to music at work improve productivity? Here are 8 compelling reasons why it does

3. Walk OutsideGrumpy-Cat-Outdoors

According to doctors at the Mayo Clinic, walking around outside for a few minutes a day can boost your mood, balance and coordination, help prevent heart disease and high blood pressure, and maintain a healthier weight.

4. Decorate your workspace

Personalize your workspace whether you work in an office space, cubicle, or an open desk; turn your workspace into a place you want to be in by personalizing it. You can personalize your workspace by adding some personal photos, getting a cool post-it dispenser, and other knickknacks.

5. Bring a pet

This is pretty unconventional, but bringing a pet to work decreases stress, improves office communication, and increases job satisfaction according to research by the Virginia Commonwealth University. Kind of like those therapy dogs for college students, which you can read about here: Campus Therapy Dogs Offer a Helping Paw to Stressed Students.

But by all means, discuss this with your boss before spontaneously bringing your puppy or cat.

Grumpy cat happy face6. Smile more

Psychologist, Robert Zajonc, stated that smiling, fake smiles and real smiles, increases happiness because your brain interprets the physical reaction as a positive sign that you’re doing something enjoyable. So be sure to force out a smile whenever you’re doing something you hate.

7. Browse the internet

Does this sound counterproductive? Well, surfing the web is counterproductive if it’s done excessively, but it can actually increase productivity if done moderately. Research shows that workers who occasionally surf the web experience immediate gratification and it helps them recuperate the energy that work has drained.

Why Employees Should Surf the Web at Work

8. Eat mood-boosting foodsgrumpy cat diet meme

It may be time to skip-out on the McDonald’s and pack a meal with these 10 nutrients to boost your mood. The list of nutrients are scientifically proven to regulate mood and can be found in the food you enjoy eating.

10 Nutrients Scientifically Proven to Make You Feel Awesome

9. Leave your work at home

grumpy cat esc buttom meme

Unless you’re regularly missing deadlines, leave your work laptop and papers at the office. I used to take my work laptop home every day where I would naturally open it and just work; I worked after my office hours on the weekdays and on the weekends. There was always something to finish. I made working at home a habit instead of relaxing. Now I’ve made leaving my work computer at the office a habit, and I can finally rest my brain after work. Your brain needs rest, so unless you have a deadline that you may miss, just leave the work for work and focus on the Netflix when you’re at home.

10. Buy a mug that makes you happygrumpy cat mug

This is pretty self-explanatory but you should buy a fun mug to leave at the office. A mug that makes you smile and contains a drink that quenches your thirst should boost your mood.




10 ways to be happier at work infographic


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