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10 Job Search Mistakes Unemployed People Make

You may have been laid off, fired, or you just quit because you were suffocating at your last job. Everyone has their reasons for being unemployed during their job search, but there are 10 job search mistakes that you may be making that push back your job offer and leave you with your last paycheck to live off of.

1. Not focusing

Profile portrait of a beautiful thoughtful young blond woman staring out of the window daydreamingIt’s easy to lose focus during your job search because you may have been unemployed for a while and you just need a break. Don’t lose focus.

2. Exuding Negative Energy

You may be coming off as desperate or frustrated during your interviews. Remember to stay calm, smile, and know that any company would be lucky to have you.

3. Being Lazy

Lazy man sitting on the sofa and holding a remoteYou may be feeling lazy out of frustration or because you’re enjoying your time off, but it’ll take you a decade to find a job if you sparingly apply. Set aside time blocks and create daily goals to ramp up your job search and stay motivated.

4. Lacking Confidence

Applicant facing the human resource panel during her job interview, nervously flipping through her resumeRemember that you’re a special snowflake and you’re worthy of any job. You should be confident in your interviews and show them that you know what you’re doing and you’re willing to be trained if you don’t.

5. Having No Standards

Unemployed businesswoman with cardboard sign - job wanted.I get it. You’ve been looking for a job for months but you’ve haven’t received a job offer or maybe even an interview. Rejection takes us all a step back and demotivates us, but don’t let it take over your mindset. Don’t lower your standards or lose sight of your aspirations because you’re feeling desperate; if you apply or accept a job you’re not really interested in, then you’re only wasting your time and the employer’s time.

6. Not relaxing

Young woman lying in a hammock in garden and reading a bookYou’re probably stressed about upcoming bills and living off credit cards. You’re probably afraid to check your bank account and living off ramen. Being unemployed is tough but you’re only making it worse by not taking some time to relax and de-stress. Take a nap, watch some Netflix, and just take a breath. As long as you block out part of your day to diligently apply for jobs, then a job will come.

7. Getting Discouraged

Convinced and intelligent older business woman talking with hands.Don’t let your past failures discourage you from applying for a competitive position. Learn from your experiences instead of dwelling on them. Think about what went wrong or right and adjust your methods.

8. Applying based on quantity over quality

Job Application Career Apply Vacancy ConceptsThis ties into the desperation aspect of the job search. You’ll start getting desperate after not hearing back on your other applications, and then you’ll start applying everywhere. I think it’s important to apply to as many qualified places as you can, meaning that you should be qualified for the role and the company should meet your standards as well. You should be tailoring your cover letters and resumes for the positions you really care about. Think quality, not quantity.

9. Make the most of your day

Woman working on arts and crafts as a hobbyYou don’t need to treat the job search like a full-time job per se. I think it’s important to time block and spend at least a few hours applying each day, but you should also do other productive things when you’re not applying. You could pick up a new hobby or build on a current one that you could add to your resume. Employers love hobbies.

10. Sharing your biography

My new life chapter one concept for fresh start, new year resolution, dieting and healthy lifestyleIt’s tempting to let employers know about your job search struggles but it can make them uncomfortable and make you look like you’re begging for a job. Show your employers your value and save the venting for friends and family.

10 job search mistakes infographic

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